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What’s keeping you from getting hired? Use this free checklist to find out

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Determine the gaps in your job search
strategy and then set a course of action.
Finding a job is tough … and even when you think you’ve done everything right in the application process, the phone still doesn’t ring. 

What could be keeping you from getting hired? 

This checklist below can help you spot holes in your job search strategy and link you to complete instructions from my blog archive or relevant web sites so you can become the most hirable job applicant possible.

Review the checklist below or download the free Career Search Checklist on the Resources page.

Ratchet up your job search by following this checklist! After all, it can help land a job that you will love!

Career Search Checklist

Strategic Actions
Complete an action plan
– Determine strengths, weaknesses and preferred career(s).
- Find a career action plan form on my LinkedIn profile under “Samples.”

Take action on weaknesses

Learn the hot jobs in your field

General Actions
Keep track of your career search efforts
– Copy/paste job descriptions into a document for later reference.
- Keep an online folder and/or binder to keep track of materials.
- Keep a chart of jobs for which you applied.

Develop a chart to track jobs

Find a blank job leads chart on my LinkedIn profile under “Samples.”
Review all of the basics of finding a job
Find my ‘Get a Job” slide show on my LinkedIn profile under Slide Share presentations.

Messaging/Networking Actions
Establish a professional-sounding email address
- Learn which email addresses to avoid.
Add an email signature so employers can contact you easily
– Include your name, phone number, email address, and relevant web sites/blogs and/or social networking addresses.
Add LinkedIn profile address to email signature

Order job search business cards

Inform/remind your network you are seeking work

Develop / refine your resume – Use key words from job posting, power words and quantifiable statements.

Develop / refine your cover letter

Ask for references, compile your references’ contact information
Visit “How to write a reference page” --
Develop a LinkedIn recommendation sheet
– Attach your list of recommendations when you apply by email or when you can post multiple attachments when applying online.

Conduct informational interviews/ask relevant people to coffee or lunch

LinkedIn Actions
Establish a free account on LinkedIn:

Build your LinkedIn profile and add photo

Invite people to connect on LinkedIn
– Also remember to invite mutual friends of your connections.

Join/participate in LinkedIn groups (job seeking, school/ company alumni, hobbies, associations, business related, etc.)

Remind your network you are job seeking

Request endorsements (recommendations) from select LinkedIn contacts

Application and Interview Actions
Find and use the best job sites

- Maximize your use of job sites:

- Find an extensive list of national and St. Louis job sites on my LinkedIn profile.

Sign up to receive job alerts by email (from Indeed, Monster, etc.)

Apply for jobs online; find people in the company to send email to as well. Here's how.

Research how best to handle phone interviews
On Google: Search “phone interview questions and answers”

Learn how to answer hard interview questions
On Google: Search “interview questions and answers”

Learn thank-you note best practices
On Google: Search “thank you note after interview”

Learn how to handle salary negotiations

What steps did I leave off the Career Search Checklist, or what thoughts do you have on the subject? Share your comments via the Contact page. If I can be of help to you, let me know. -- Kathy

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