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How to include your LinkedIn profile in your email signature

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Add your LinkedIn profile address
to your email signature.
A reader asked if it was really beneficial to include her LinkedIn profile public profile link in her email signature. 

I responded that I have found it very beneficial in two measurable ways:

1) I click the "Who's viewed your profile" link on my LinkedIn home page to determine if someone from a target company has viewed my profile. Since I've included it in my email signature, I definitely get more LinkedIn profile views (although LinkedIn does not allow you to view them all unless you pay to upgrade your account).

2) I added my resume (without my home address for security reasons) and list of recommendations to my profile using the free Box.net application and presentations by uploading them by using the Add Media feature in the Summary, Experience or Education sections ... so every time someone downloads these documents from my profile ... I get an email notice. This notice doesn't always tell me who downloaded the document, but by reviewing "Who's viewed your profile" during that time frame, I can usually narrow down which company accessed this information about me. Having that foreknowledge is sort of exciting because if your profile is good and your support materials are solid ... you'll probably get a call soon after from that company!

Most importantly, showing that you are on LinkedIn and that you know how to include your public profile link on your email signature shows people you "get" social networking ... and that knowledge is a necessity in this day and age.

How to add your LinkedIn profile hyperlink to your email signature:
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1) In your email program, open the email signature editor window (it can usually be found within Options, then Email or Mail Options). Type the words My LinkedIn profile in the signature editor box under your name, phone number, and email address.

2) Open LinkedIn, and then click on your profile.

3) Click the url from the middle of your profile box where it says "Public Profile". When your public profile comes up, highlight and then copy the url from the browser window. (Control c)

4) Highlight My LinkedIn profile in your email signature. Click the hyperlink button. When the hyperlink box pops up, paste your profile link (url) into the box (Control v). Click save. You may have to temporarily allow pop-ups (by right clicking the yellow box at the top of your web browser) to complete this process.

5) Save your email signature changes. Your my Linked profile link should now appear in your email signature whenever you send a message.

Add your LinkedIn profile to your email signature … it can help you land a job or get a better one!

Have you found having your LinkedIn profile on your email signature to be helpful or hurtful in your job search? Share your comments via the Contact page. If I can be of help to you, let me know. -- Kathy

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