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LinkedIn recommendations will
impress your profile visitors.
Request recommendations from LinkedIn connections ... but take extra steps to secure the best recommendations possible. Here's how: 

To request a recommendation:

1. From the LinkedIn home page, click Profile and then click the triangle next to Edit Profile. 
2. Click 'Ask for Recommendations'.

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To request a recommendation, click the triangle next to the Edit Profile box, select "Ask to be recommended"

3. Choose what area of your background that you want to be recommended for (choose from the drop down list of jobs and educational experiences (the list is populated from your profile entries).

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Complete the template to request a recommendation from one of your contacts.

4. Click on the little blue "in" address book icon to view all of your connections.
5. Select the names of those who you want the request to be sent to and click 'Finished' (This will take you back to the Recommendations page).
6. Use the default 'Create your message' text or customize the message to your selected contacts.
7. Click on the 'Send' button.
(Note: Each recipient will receive an individual email, not a group email).

To ensure you get more and better recommendations:

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To recommend a a connection, visit the person's profile, click on the triangle next to Send a Message
and then select 'Recommend'
  1. Determine who you should ask to recommend you. Do not send the recommendation request to every contact, but rather just send it to people who know you and your abilities well enough to vouch for you. In addition to requesting recommendations from past company leaders and bosses, also request recommendations from previous peers and subordinates ... it's really a numbers game, so seek recommendations from all levels.   
  2. Recommend others first and then ask them to return the favor. To recommend someone, visit the person's profile (he or she must be one of your 1st degree connections) and then click the triangle next to 'Send a message'. Follow the prompts to recommend the person as a Colleague, Service Provider, Business Partner, or Student.  
  3. Send an email to the same people, letting them know you have asked them for a LinkedIn recommendation through the LinkedIn system. If you notice (from viewing their LinkedIn profile) that they are LinkedIn novices, provide them with basic instructions so that they will know how to give you a recommendation.
  4. Attach your resume or include a list of relevant skills and work experiences that make you uniquely qualified for the jobs that you want. Also tell them specifically what type of positions that you seek. 
  5. Encourage them to call you if they have questions … or job leads, for that matter!
  6. Follow up with the people if they have not provided you with a recommendation within a week or two.
  7. Accept the fact that not all people will be comfortable with or technically savvy enough to provide you with a recommendation. Don't pester them if they are unable or unwilling.
Note that you can reject or hide a recommendation and you can ask a person to revise his/her recommendation (but don't be a pain in the butt with multiple change requests). 

Secure valuable LinkedIn recommendations! Doing so can help you Get a Job!

How do you maximize your LinkedIn recommendations? Share your suggestions or questions. Thanks! -- Kathy

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