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Job seekers’ favorite job sites

WiserUTips.com asked job seekers which job sites they preferred and why. Here are sites mentioned most often in alphabetical order, along with some of their comments. Peruse the sites ... they could help land a job that you will love!

  • It has given me the best results of all.
  • It has actually provided me with some decent opportunities.
  • It is useful, but you have to scan multiple categories. The anonymous posters are a bit scary. But I had one good lead from there.
  • Dice has the best IT job listings.
  • JuJu is a good aggregator that scrapes from other sites. It also gives a back door into The Ladders.
  • Idealist.org is a good site for nonprofit positions and information about nonprofit related employment.
  • Indeed mines jobs from a lot of different sites, like Monster, and Career Builder.
• I suggest that all development sector job seekers visit Indevjobs.

• It can find a few overlooked positions.

• I love how I can look up who works at a company when I apply for jobs on LinkedIn, that way I can connect with someone at the company.
• It has a decent job board, but it is tedious to search.

• Monster is the industry standard. I check it often since I figure most recruiters are posting jobs there.
• Sometimes Monster seems to be thinking too long and is not user friendly. As much as I hate to say it, it just seems like Monster needs a new system implementation.

NPO.net (Chicago’s largest nonprofit board), and government postings.
  • It has great functionality. It is not exactly a one-stop-shop, but it's an excellent first stop.
  • I like Indeed.com, but I believe you should also post your resume on other sites so recruiters can find you.
  • Indeed is quicker, easier, and simpler than Monster. It is very quick in doing searches and finding data. 
  • TalentZoo has a pretty good database, but I haven't found anything there, yet.

Many respondents also mentioned having success with local web sites such as their state career sites, their local newspaper or business journal sites, and local nonprofit aggregator web sites.

 A few responders mentioned that using online job sites may not be the best route for finding a job. 

Said one, "Getting my resume in front of local and national staffing recruiters has provided me with the most leads. I use a local creative recruiter here in St. Louis." Another respondent commented, "I have found that while you are unemployed, volunteering for a nonprofit offers a wealth of networking opportunities that I would never have been exposed to using the internet. It also offers a viable work effort while you are searching for a job. In my opinion, the internet is somewhat helpful, but can work against you in this economy."

What job sites work best for you and why? Add your comments via the Contact tab. Thanks! -- Kathy


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