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Not only did Kathy help me to polish my LinkedIn profile, she also demonstrated the many bells and whistles the platform has to offer and how to best leverage them for my coaching practice. Then she taught me how to quickly find and connect with potential clients and collaborators in specific organizations, and to craft compelling messages to them. Within less than a day of sending three such requests - literally during our consulting session, two of my new connections DM'd me to schedule telephone conversations. Simply. Priceless. Work with the Best of the Best, Kathy  Bernard! -- Deb Gaut, Byrnes Mills, MO

Wanted to let you know … yesterday I received my first call from a recruiter in the US after weeks of complete silence ... 24 hours after our work on LinkedIn! -- Paco, Madrid, Spain   

I have listened to a few other people who are LinkedIn experts, yet you’re in a class of your own. -- Sally, St. Louis

I continue to be amazed at the LinkedIn interests I am now generating -- 2 more leads came to me today ... Amazing. You’re a miracle worker! -- Tim, O'Fallon, IL

We really enjoyed having you. The team learned a ton and are updating profiles, adding connections, and will building their brand for the year ahead! -- Marilyn Bush, Bank of America

Your LinkedIn workshop was one of the most valuable eight hours that I have spent in business. -- Mitch, St. Louis

You are such a thoughtful and kind person, Kathy.  I hope you know that about yourself and I’m very happy to remind you of that should you ever forget or have a “down” day.  You are amazing.  Amazing! -- Cindy, Madison, WI

I was amazed at how much I learned from your LinkedIn training class and how well I have maintained the new knowledge. You making the personalized suggestions and taking the time to ask questions about each attendee made your training even more valuable. — Ashleigh, St. Louis

You have been so helpful and available to our international community. People rave about you and tell me how much they learned from you. You are a star in my book and I cannot express how appreciative I am of your work for the region. Your kindness, smile, and expertise are noticed and truly valued. -- Betsy Cohen, St. Louis Mosaic Project

Meeting with WiserU's Kathy Bernard was one of the best things I ever did for my career search. -- Philipjohn, St. Louis

Since you optimized my LinkedIn profile, I started getting emails and phone calls. In fact, I just accepted a vice president job offer while I turned down three recruiters. Your fine work made this happen. -- Kim, New York City

Just landed another job and want to thank you again and tell you that your work is amazing and it has a big, lasting impact! -- Bruno, Sao Paulo, Brazil, now St. Louis, MO

I got an internship! I attribute my success to you. Your feedback on my profile really helped me. -- Prathyusha, Ithaca, NY

You were exceptionally awesome and I thank you so very much. You were amazing at answering questions and everyone came away with answers, but more importantly, hope! -- Kyle, St. Louis, MO

Kathy knows her subject matter quite well. Well worth it and you know you received the very best training on LinkedIn. -- Nancy Friedman (aka The Telephone Doctor), Keynote Speaker, Selected Favorite Speaker by Meeting Planners Magazine

I got a job sending out the resume that you created for me even though I sent it out less than 10 times! -- Jane, St. Louis

WOW! I am amazed by how awesome you are! You have been such an inspiration to me and I just wanted you to know how much I care and appreciate all of the advice and guidance you've given me. -- Elizabeth, Easton, PA

Kathy’s realistic and pragmatic approach to leveraging the best out of LinkedIn is very effective.  Better than that - she will fire you up, get your mojo flowin’, and wake up that person we all know ourselves to be! -- Dean, St. Louis

Thank you for your insightful help with my LinkedIn profile. There are many who claim to be LinkedIn authorities, but you are the very best on developing profiles so they are productive! Stan, St. Louis, MO

I want to personally thank you for your LinkedIn Boot Camp presentation. After making changes as instructed in your presentation, I am getting recognition and invitation from the HR departments of different companies in my targeted location. It has been very valuable. -- Shubhneek, New Delhi, India

I appreciate all of your tips, presentations, and the information you have available to help so many seeking a job. I have successfully obtained full-time employment using your tips!  -- Hillary, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

Since I applied your optimization tips, my profile has been ranking high in recruiter searching. As a result, I have been contacted more frequently for development interviews. -- Michael, St. Louis

I got the job! Thank you so much for tailoring my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to match the position.  I was the perfect candidate!  Thank you also for your advice and "pep talks".  You gave me the confidence I needed to excel during the interview process. -- Katie, Chicago

Your class was absolutely AMAZING! I learned so much. -- Jacquie, St. Louis

You are an amazing presenter and speaker. Ramneet, Danbury, CT

I highly recommend anyone wanting the best possible LinkedIn profile use Kathy for that service. I thought I'd done a pretty good job with mine but I wanted someone with all the skills and an excellent reputation to give it a "once over". She did more than that! She made suggestions/did updates I never would have thought of on my own. -- BJ, Edwardsville, IL

As an Australian looking to return to Dallas, I found your page extremely beneficial in marketing my LinkedIn profile to American employers. -- Emma, Sydney, Australia

You're amazing! I can't tell you how much of an outstanding resource you have been for me. I know others who offer the services you do, but none are as great as you! -- David, St. Louis

Thanks to my beefed-up LinkedIn profile, I connected with a former co-worker who told me about a job opening. They called me for an interview and thanks to your techniques, they have invited me back for a second interview. I honestly don't think I'd be in this position - where I might actually land a bread-winning position - if it weren't for you. You are like a St. Bernard when it comes to rescuing job seekers lost in the snow-covered mountains of unemployment. -- John, Phoenix, AZ

Your blog is amazing... so many tools for people! -- Dave, Montreal, Canada

I am returning to work! Your weekly webinars have been a great source, especially the LinkedIn Boot Camp series.  My LinkedIn profile has drastically improved based on your advice. -- Ed, Madison, WI 

I wanted to compliment you on Brendan's LinkedIn profile -- it is unbelievably improved after working with you. Night and day doesn't begin to describe how much better! -- Ken, St. Louis

Your webinar was one of the best I've ever heard -- practical and useful! -- Tim, Los Angeles

I am in awe of over the amazing revamp that you did on my LinkedIn profile. To say it looks great is an understatement as you hit it out of the park! -- Mary, New York, NY

Kathy, what a great presentation. We had a packed house! You bring humor and insight to a process that is new to a lot of folks.  -- Kat Ruth, Beyond Networking

Thank you, Kathy. You are simply a LinkedIn Guru. -- Ramneet, Danbury, CT

You told me things I expected to hear, things I wanted to hear, and things I needed to hear. Your manner and communication skills are remarkable. You respect and read people well.  No wonder you have such a great reputation which is well deserved. -- Randall, St. Louis, MO

You have helped me through a very long process. Encouraging words from you were a lifeline during my toughest times.  I listened to your podcasts over and over again. I've taken a new job that I really enjoy. -- Karen, Austin, TX

I have taken many webinars with you. I printed the slides and used them as working documents during my search. I have learned so much from these, and you. You provide a positive, informative avenue from which to gain valuable insights and lessons on the job hunt. I highly suggest that people looking to gain an edge on the job search use your services. -- Gary, New York City

Your Salary Negotiating webinar facilitated my getting an offer for an additional $6,500 a year. I am beyond excited! I landed the job I wanted for the pay I wanted! I thank you and my family thanks you! -- Kim, Raleigh, NC

Your workshop was amazing. Our company is now scoring so much higher because of what you taught us. -- Mitch, St. Louis, MO

Wow, am I a big fan! Just subscribed to your blog, and with one article, and in 5 minutes I jumped up to #2 spot in LinkedIn search for Marketing and Communications in Madison. -- Annie, Madison, WI

I started a new job today! Your tips, coaching, analysis, insight, and leadership contributed to my ability to stand out among the 237 applicants for the job. There are a lot of people in need of a job. It is scary out here and I never anticipated what I faced over the last year. Thank you for your hard work; it means so much to those of us who need to keep our energy up and our focus determined. – Ruth, St. Louis

I listen to your webinar recordings all the time and I can always rely on you to teach me something new, give us another way to approach a situation or relate how someone else got the job. -- Penny, New York City

Very informative webinar today. No one does it better! -- Denis, Chicago

Your blog posts are so insightful. I look forward to reading each one. I have passed links to your blog to many people. Of all the webinars I've participated in, yours have absolutely been THE best. You make every minute count. I have learned so much from you and want you to know what a positive impact you're making. -- Mary, St. Louis

I watched the whole of your presentation and I thought it one of the most professionally focused presentations I've seen. -- Simon, Nottingham, U.K.

What a privilege to have attended 3 webinars created and presented by Kathy. Your unique insight and perspective on the hiring process are the BEST! I intend to implement the "golden" nuggets you shared. I encourage all job seekers to contact Kathy and attend her webinars. -- Ned, Minneapolis

Not only are the tips useful, you give real "how-to" info as well. -- Vannie, New York

You hit it out of the park with your Show and Tell webinar. I knew how to do both, now I KNOW how to do it the better. -- Kevin, St. Louis

And the award goes to Kathy Bernard for her two invaluable and world-class guides on interviewing and salary negotiations.”  Bravo!  Hooray! Woohoo! Kathy, I’m not kidding when I say your two guides are the most helpful resources I have ever read on these critical topics.  Wow! -- Barbara, Madison, WI

Just had a chance to view your webinar, which I thought was THE BEST. You have a great way of getting your point across. -- Bowman, Washington, D.C.

You really have the best presentations! I can tell you invest a lot of time and effort. You are so kind and willing to help others. -- Arlene, San Francisco

"I followed your advice and saw immediate improvements." -- Jeff, St. Louis

I highly recommend any and all of Kathy's webinars! --Vicki, Philadelphia

Thank you for the help you provided during my job search. I have landed safely and happily. Your insights and coaching led to this happy result.  I don’t know what I would have done without your help. I would have been floundering around in the dark! I’ve found a job that is almost like a “calling” for me; something I can sink my teeth into and get jazzed about. -- Sandi, St. Louis

Excellent tips for any job seekers to really stand out. -- Stefanie, Atlanta

I find your job tips comforting and uplifting. Thanks for being there for the thousands of us who are trying to support our families. -- Ginger, San Francisco

The resources you offer are helpful, practical, and not fluff! -- Coralie, St. Louis

Kathy's webinars are helpful and encouraging. She is a genuinely caring person who is willing to give personal help. -- Carole, Los Angeles

I was able to use the advice you provided regarding salary in a phone screening this morning. I felt so much more prepared for the salary question and was much happier with the end result. -- Catherine, St. Louis

Inspiring and fun, Kathy is passionate, informative, and gets results. -- Teresa, Lansing, Mich.

I used two of Kathy's tips and they got me my first interview. She is an invaluable resource and a wealth of information and positive energy. -- Deborah, Houston, Tex.

Your advice has been invaluable. Thanks to you I’m going to have one of the best LinkedIn profiles. -- Stan, St. Louis, MO.

I wrote to the CEO using the edits you suggested and got a response right away. Things are moving fast so I have my fingers crossed. -- Elaine, San Francisco

You are so intuitive with your findings and generous with your offerings. Keep it up! It's leading me to a job I can feel it. -- Dawn, St. Louis

I did what you said to do and got calls the same day! IT WORKS! -- Jamie, New York City, NY

You've created a phenomenal series of webinars. -- Kelly, Houston, Tex.

Thank you for putting together awesome presentations! -- Casandra, St. Louis

Keep doing what you are doing. You help people get unstuck. -- Thomas, Columbus, Ohio

You are a light. – Ron, Glen Carbon, Ill.

I am listening to your webinar. I have learned more in the last hour than I have since I began searching for a new career. -- Brad, St. Louis

I was expecting to hear the “same old thing” from your webinar but was pleasantly surprised. I picked up great tips from you. -- Lori, Denver

You're a relaxed and thorough speaker with a wealth of information, which I appreciate since I'm getting close to panic mode looking for a job. -- Mary Kay, San Diego

I appreciate your informative and helpful tips for us job seekers struggling to find a job and trying to find new ways to improve our chances. On behalf of the population who remain unemployed, thank you for keeping us inspired! – Doris, New York City

How about if you come with me to my next job interview? -- Laura, St. Louis

I will definitely use your tips as a job search strategy. – Sergio, New York 

Thank you for sharing interesting and informative tips based on real experiences.— Megumi, Japan

Now that I have found a position I wanted to share my appreciation for your "cheerleading" those of us who have been searching! It is difficult to be unemployed, but your help was always offered without condescension. You are a compassionate professional! -- Claudia, St. Louis

Your top 50 list was terrific. -- Richard, Philadelphia

I'm so happy I found you! You have made a difference in my life. – Lynn, St. Louis

Great post. I particularly liked where you indicated the company was "more interested in 'fixing you' than in what you were producing for them." Been there, and am determined not to replicate that scenario in the future. -- Sally, Washington, D.C.

I've started a new career! Your feedback was extremely helpful and gave me the confidence to pursue the position I deserve. – Mallerie, St. Louis

Great tips! The bit about telling a story -- that's something I could easily do but haven't thought of before. – Briana, Austin, Tex.

I didn't want 5 minutes to go by without thanking you for your terrific webinar. The information you provided is invaluable. -- Sue, St. Louis

Thanks for this article about salary negotiations. It provides a resolution for each situation you may face. -- Helen, Philadelphia

It is a jungle out there, and you help smooth the paths. – Barbara, St. Louis

I don't hand out compliments like candy. I  want you to know you helped many people today. The content was exceptional. -- Harvey, Cleveland, Ohio

I love your writing. Thank you for giving us all hope! – Mazarine, Austin, Tex.

Your recent post was so complete, thoughtful, and pertinent--I'm impressed every time I read your blog. -- Lynn, Georgetown, Tex.

Gold star and a cookie for you. This is your best advice yet. You go, girl! -- Patti, St. Louis

This was such a good reminder for people like me looking for employment. I appreciate the straightforward comments. -- Susan, San Francisco

The very thing you wrote about is what I was up against today. -- Jeremy, Chicago

My husband was just 'let go.' Thanks for the GREAT advice to keep him and others from going NUTZ! -- Liz, Birmingham, Ala.

Since our meeting, I have had three interviews! The new resume is making a huge difference! -- David, St. Louis

You have been an inspiration and helped me so much! I praise God for your helping hand and for listening to me when I needed someone. -- Liz, Philadelphia

Thank you for your encouragement and willingness to help when I felt I was drowning in a sea of never-going-to-find-a-job misery. I've been offered the job! -- Lynne, St. Louis

Great ideas. They all work great, I've tried them. – Randi Ellen, Pittsburgh

I urge anyone who has recently found themselves unemployed to look Kathy up. -- Michael, Fenton, Mo.

Thank you for your pearls of wisdom...I've passed them on to my daughter who needs encouragement in her job search. -- Andy, Chicago

Your experience is matched only by your generosity. – Kent, St. Louis

I'm brimming with confidence and can't thank you enough. I'll tell all my friends to attend your webinars. -- James, Los Angeles

Thanks for the well-needed information to land our dream job quicker. -- Wendy, London, U.K.

Your help with unemployed people means so much. It is scary, not just the lack of income, but tackling the whole job-hunting process seems daunting. You make it human. – Gloria, St. Louis

This is just what I needed! I never would've thought of half of the stuff on my own. – Jane, Fayetteville, Ark.

Thanks for sharing on how to progress in areas where I am weak and to reflect one's capabilities to others. You are such a personality who motivates, guides, and helps. – Aman, Gurgaon, India

I wanted to personally thank you. I took your advice on "What to do after you have applied online for a job". I followed your advice and I got an email back from the recruiter within a day. I have never gotten that kind of response before!" -- Sada, Buffalo, NY

Kathy is AMAZING live and in-person. She gave a wonderful presentation and trained my student at Lindenwood University. We all were impressed. Highly recommend!" -- Vicki Atlas, Adjunct Faculty, Lindenwood University

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