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How to get your resume to rise to the top

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You CAN outmaneuver online
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Ever feel like you are sending your resume into a pit of no return when you apply for a job on an online site?

I've found a great way to get your resume noticed by the hiring manager after you apply online. It involves using LinkedIn, so if you aren’t registered there yet, establish a profile on it as soon as possible. Then invite all of your friends and colleague to connect with you there. 

The more LinkedIn connections you have, the greater access you will have to an extended network of your 1st degree connections and all of your connections’ 1st and 2nd degree connections.

Once you are on LinkedIn, use the search box to try to learn the hiring manager's name. Use the various filters, such as All Filters, Location or Current Companies to fine-tune your search. 

Contact these people through one of these means:

  • If they are a 2nd degree connection (if one the people is a friend of one of your 1st degree LinkedIn connections), visit the person's profile and then click the arrow next to the Send InMail button. Then click “Get introduced" and follow the prompts. This will allow a friend of yours to send your message to the person. Alternatively, you can send a regular email with your resume to your friend and ask him/her to forward your resume to his/her connection and put in a good word for you.
  • Send the person a LinkedIn “InMail” (this requires a monthly LinkedIn upgrade cost)
  • Try to find the person's email address on Google by putting the person's name, company name and the word "email" in the search box and seeing if his/her contact information comes up in the search findings. (Their contact information might be in a directory, for example).
  • If you can't find the person's email address online, but the job requires you to apply by emailing (for example) Bob Brown at bbrown@blank.com, you now know the construction of email addresses at that company. So if you learn the hiring manager is Becky (Rebecca) Thatcher at the same company, you know that her email address is probably bthatcher@blank.com or rthatcher@blank.com. Use that knowledge to send her a personal email and attach your resume.

Google the hiring manager, find hiring manager's email address on Google, find email address on search engines,
Type the person's name, company name and the word "email" into the search box.

Of course another option is to try calling the company's main switchboard and asking for the name and email address of the director of the such and such department.

Taking these approaches has worked well for me because they show potential employers that I am proactive and resourceful. Personal approaches also appeal to recipients’ egos because they know I sought them out specifically. 

So start emailing key people after you apply online ... after all, it could help land a job that you will love.

How do you ensure your resume rises to the top when you apply for a job online? Share your comments. If I can be of help to you, let me know. -- Kathy


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  1. The cost for the linkdin is worth it.

  2. PRint your resume on purple paper, that'll get their attention.


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