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LinkedIn … Indeed … which job sites work best for you?

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Check multiple job sites to gain
job leads.
Do you check just one job site to search for open positions? That could be limiting your success.

When I was unemployed, I visited at least four core sites each day. I also kept an extensive Word document list of all of the sites I came across and clicked through these links once a week (In such a Word document, you can simply hover over a link and push Control and click your mouse at the same time to go to the selected site).

View/use my extensive list of job sites.

The sites I included on my list to search regularly included:
  • Local job sites like the local newspaper and Business Journal.
  • Sites that related to my area of expertise like the local American Advertising Federation, International Association of Business Communicators, Public Relations Society of America, and Direct Marketing Association job sites.
  • Nonprofit/religious sites (since I was interested in working in these two areas).

The general sites that worked best for my search for communications, public relations, and marketing jobs were LinkedIn (go to the Jobs page), Indeed.com, CareerBuilder, and ZipRecruiter.

Fine-tuning your job search preferences can help on any job site. For example, on Career Builder, my search results improved when I adjusted my search to exclude entry-level positions.

To ensure you are seeing the best jobs on online job sites, do the following:
  • Explore all of the main job sites and figure out which ones work best for you.
  • Input the types of jobs you want on each site. Fine-tune your search criteria until the site finds the most appropriate jobs for your experience level and expertise. Save the search results.
  • Sign up to receive free daily or weekly job alert emails based on your search criteria. (If you don’t start receiving the emails, make sure they aren’t caught in your spam filter).
  • Research job sites that specifically focus on your area of expertise.
  • Look into local job sites associated with your city’s newspaper and business journal, or that are connected with local networking organizations.
  • Sign up for LinkedIn groups that relate to your area of expertise and select whether to receive daily or weekly digests of discussions and job postings.
  • Maintain a list of viable sites (by copying and pasting the web address for each into a Word document). Click through all these links once a week.

By taking these steps you will find unique opportunities amidst a sea of repeat postings ... and that can help you land a job that you will love.

What job sites work best for you and why? Share your comments. If I can be of help to you, let me know via the Contact tab. -- Kathy


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