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10 tips for getting back to the type of work that you loved

Want to return to the work that you loved to do years ago, but fear your more recent (unrelated) job titles will keep you from being considered? Take these steps to get back to the job you want!

1) Put the job titles that you want (and have done before) into your LinkedIn headline.  LinkedIn headline guidance

2) Add the job titles into your resume headline, like this: Proven [JOB TITLE] with extensive [RELATED EXPERIENCE]. Resume diagram include headline guidance. Consider adding, “Seeking to return to core competency in [FIELD]."

3) Pump up your LinkedIn summary section with your desired job titles, related accomplishments and keywords.
LinkedIn summary guidance

4) Add
related duties and quantifiable accomplishments into your more recent job entries in your resume and LinkedIn profile. For example, if your recent job is in nursing and you want to return to sales, play up customer service, negotiation and people skills that you did while nursing that also relate to sales. Minimize unrelated job duties.

5) Strengthen your work entries for your past, preferred jobs in your resume and LinkedIn profile. In general, make your sought-after job entries longer than your more recent, unwanted jobs so that you appear strongest at what you really want to do.

6) Explain in your cover letter why you are highly qualified for the job due to your past experience, current relevant experience (even in an unrelated position) and how much you want to return to your core competency in your preferred field.

7) Make sure that the skills listed in your LinkedIn Skills and Expertise section reflect the jobs that you want. Encourage many people to endorse you for those specific skills by sending them an email with instructions. They can do so by visiting your profile and clicking the down arrow next to the Send [YOUR NAME] InMail and selecting “Endorse”. LinkedIn skills guidance

8) Get former coworkers and bosses to give you a written LinkedIn recommendation for the jobs that you want to play up. They can do so by visiting your profile and clicking the down arrow next to the “Send [YOUR NAME] InMail” and selecting “Recommend”. Send them your resume or bullet points to make recommending you easier.

9) Ask former coworkers and bosses to recommend you for relevant jobs at their companies. They’ve seen you on the job and know how good you are so they can be very influential.

10) Be convincing in your job interviews that you are: 1) Highly qualified for the job, 2) Up to date on relevant abilities and job knowledge, and 3) Passionately interested in returning to the work that you loved.

Overcome employer resistance! Convince them that your past relevant successes AND recent work make you uniquely qualified to excel at their job.

What tips did I miss or what comments do you have about this topic? Share your thoughts! – Thanks, Kathy


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