How to show up higher in your LinkedIn network

Want to show up higher on LinkedIn as a top job candidate or service/product provider? You can! LinkedIn’s “How You Rank ” feature can help. It lets you see where you stack up compared to others in your 1st degree network for profile views. The more page views that you receive; the more likely you will be found by prospects.  Your score changes weekly and the good news is that you can improve your score immediately and see your progress every week.

Here’s how: From your LinkedIn home page, click the number to the right of your name/photo box that reads, “[NUMBER] people viewed your profile in the past [DAYS, WEEKS, OR MONTHS]”.

Click the blue number to the right of your name/title box.

The next page reveals a chart showing what you have done to secure your place on the “How You Rank” index.

Click on the individual weeks in the chart to see what you did each week to increase your page views.

Note: If you’ve set your profile to be anonymous when visiting other people’s profiles, you cannot view the chart. Visit Privacy & Settings > Manage (under your little picture in the upper right hand corner of any page to change your settings to show your name and headline. 

Select "Your name and headline" under the Privacy > Profile viewing options section.

As you can see in this next image, I am showing up in the top 5% in my network, but by taking quick action, I can show up higher.

By following the following steps, I can show up higher ... and so can you!

To secure a higher ranking in your network:

  • Endorse your connections through endorsement boxes that pop up, or by going to a person's profile, scrolling to their Skills section and clicking the blue + sign next to each skill. 
  • Share article links, questions, and inspirational quotes through the “Share an update box” on your home page and share full length posts on LinkedIn Pulse by clicking “Write an article” on your home page.
  • Share posts on up to 50 LinkedIn groups. For best results, mostly share other people's posts relevant to the group’s topic so group members won't complain that you are being self serving.
  • Comment on, share and like posts by other people on your home page, in groups and in response to LinkedIn Pulse articles. 
  • Add more connections by inviting people to connect and by accepting other people's invitations to connect. Encourage people to invite you to connect at the end of your Pulse posts and consider becoming a LinkedIn Open Networker (LION).

Use the knowledge!
Study the profiles and posts of people ranking higher than you to learn what they are doing right so that you can improve your own profile and presence. Use the knowledge that people visited your profile to establish a relationship with them. Invite them to connect from their profile, customizing your message to let them know why you want to connect. “NAME, Thanks for visiting my profile. How can I help you? Let’s connect and let’s set up a time to talk. Thanks, YOUR NAME.'

In conclusion
Use the “How You Rank” feature to become more active on LinkedIn. After all, LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network and the best place to attract employment and business leads. – Kathy

Kathy Bernard, CEO of WiserU, LLC, trains companies and job seekers to master LinkedIn to grow your business or get a job. WiserU also provides breakthrough LinkedIn profile and company page creation/optimization services and LinkedIn lead generation/ marketing services. To get started, visit WiserU, contact Susan at or call her at 847-606-5160. Feel free to invite Kathy to connect on LinkedIn

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