How to export the email addresses of your LinkedIn connections

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Want to compile all of your LinkedIn connections’ email addresses onto an Excel spreadsheet so that you can send a mass email message? 

You can! You can also export your LinkedIn connections’ email addresses into your email contact list.

Here’s how:

  1. Log onto LinkedIn. 
  2. Click Network and then Contacts. 
  3. On the far right side of the Contacts page, click Settings.

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Find the Settings link on the Contacts page.

export LinkedIn contact list, export LinkedIn email addresses, exporting LinkedIn contacts
Click the Export LinkedIn Connections link.

Click the Export LinkedIn Connections link, but first, sync your email account(s) with your LinkedIn account. In the above example, I've synced LinkedIn with my Google/Gmail and Yahoo! accounts.

After you have clicked on the “Export LinkedIn Connections” link, choose to export to one of the following options and then click “Export”:
  • Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)
  • Outlook Express (.CSV)
  • Yahoo! Mail (.CSV)
  • Mac OS X Address Book (.VCF file)
  • vCard (.VCF file)

Find detailed instructions for exporting to your particular email application on the Export page.

export LinkedIn contact list, export LinkedIn email addresses, exporting LinkedIn contacts
When you click the Open button, an Excel spreadsheet (with LinkedIn email addresses) will appear which you can save to your computer.

Once the export has been completed, a box will pop up asking if you want to Open or Save the export file. By clicking Open, an Excel spreadsheet will appear with your connections' contact information (including email address), which you can save to your computer.  

The bottom line: Export your LinkedIn email addresses and send a mass email message to your connections! 

Share your thoughts or questions about exporting and using LinkedIn email addresses!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kathy. Yes people do search LinkedIn for their ideal prospects and send connection requests. As soon as they connected they get access to their email address. As you said they will export these emails and start sending emails. But Kathy in case if the prospect didn't accept the request LinkedIn won't share there email and phone number.

    So we at eGrabber developed a tool called eMail-Prospector which gives the email and phone number of anyone on LinkedIn, Just type in their Name and Company and this tool gets the hard to find email address by doing some advanced search in the Internet.

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