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How to export the email addresses of your LinkedIn connections

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UPDATE: LinkedIn will still let you export your LinkedIn connections into an Excel spreadsheet, but it will no longer include all of your connections' email addresses in the spreadsheet. (The column is blank except for the very few people who opt in to let you extract their email address). I have not tried it, but according to its site, GPZweb.com can export your connections email addresses and their locations and much more. -- Kathy


Want to compile all of your LinkedIn connections’ email addresses onto an Excel spreadsheet so that you can send a mass email message? 

You can! You can also export your LinkedIn connections’ email addresses into your email contact list.

Here’s how:

  1. Log onto LinkedIn. 
  2. Visit the My Network tab
  3. Click Connections (on the left side of the page)
  4. Click "Manage synced and important contacts (on the right side of the page)
  5. Click "Export contacts"
  6. Click the box next to "Connections"
  7. Click the "Request archive" button
LinkedIn will email you an Excel spreadsheet with the first name, last name, company name and job title for each of your connections. The email address column is now mostly blank. To find email address, you now either have to click the Contact information tab on each person's profile, or try the LinkedIn extractor on GPZweb.com. It's only $15 (well worth it, if it works), but I have not tested it myself.

Share your thoughts or questions about exporting and using LinkedIn email addresses!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kathy. Yes people do search LinkedIn for their ideal prospects and send connection requests. As soon as they connected they get access to their email address. As you said they will export these emails and start sending emails. But Kathy in case if the prospect didn't accept the request LinkedIn won't share there email and phone number.

    So we at eGrabber developed a tool called eMail-Prospector which gives the email and phone number of anyone on LinkedIn, Just type in their Name and Company and this tool gets the hard to find email address by doing some advanced search in the Internet.

    Get the free access to this awesome tool here: http://bit.ly/1GZvKLj


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