Does your email address say you are old or ready to party?

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Sometimes we can shoot ourselves in the foot right from the get go. 

Take your email address. Could it be keeping your from getting jobs? It could be if you are relaying information that you hadn't intended. 

See if you can spot what I am talking about in these examples: 


Those who use email addresses like and will probably have a hard time landing an office job because their email addresses tell us that they would rather be playing pool or playing outside. 

With, the “59” in the email address tells hiring managers that Julie is 59 years old, or was born in 1959, or graduated high school in 1959. Regardless of what the 59 really means, Julie is “leading with her chin” and telegraphing her age before she ever gets to show a company how perfect she is for the job. 

Think about the email address you use for your job search – does it reflect you in a positive, professional light? If not, consider starting a new email address for your job search and business correspondence. You will likely want to keep your other email address for a while, so you don’t miss any messages during the transition. 

And one last thought, when you do change your email address, or change your job status (and no longer have access to your work email address), email everyone you know to let them know your preferred email address … or they could be sending you important leads to a wrong address and you won’t even know! 

Have you heard of any bad email addresses? Or, do you have thoughts about the best types of email addresses? Please share your comments. Thanks! -- Kathy

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  1. Great advice... and here's another tip I wished I’d thought about when I began my job hunt. It may even have come from you, I don't recall. But just as a reminder:

    Get a separate email address just for job-search related activities.

    Use that special email address on networking cards, Linkedin profile, resume, and related documents -- but nothing else. Even if it’s business related, keep newsletters, webinar registrations, personal email correspondence and all other mail segregated. It will be much easier to scan through the daily onslaught of email for your important job-related notifications.


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