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How to follow up by phone about a job opening

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Q: Should I follow up with a hiring company by phone after applying for a job?

A. Yes! Improve your chances a hiring company will respond to your job application by taking these extra steps:

  • Access the hiring manager’s name and contact information. Learn how.
  • Send him/her an email with your resume.
  • State that you will follow up on a certain date.
  • Follow up by phone on the date that you stated.
  • Expect and prepare to reach the person’s voicemail, the person’s assistant or the hiring manager directly.

Use this script for your phone call:
"Hello, My name is FIRST NAME / LAST NAME. I sent an email to NAME / YOU earlier this week about COMPANY NAME’s JOB TITLE opening. Do you have a moment?

I applied online for the position, but I also wanted to reach out to NAME / YOU personally because I'm so interested in the position and feel I am uniquely suited for the role. I am highly adept at the [MOST IMPORTANT JOB REQUIREMENT] and have extensive [SECOND MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT] experience in the [NAME OF INDUSTRY].

I would love to speak with you about the opportunity. When might be a good time to talk? I am available this week. Next week is also good for me. Thank you.


Fast Tips
  • Keep your message short, friendly and energetic.
  • Avoid saying um. Practice what you will say.
  • Don’t call companies that say do not call in the job description.
  • If you sense annoyance or stress in the person’s voice, end the call and send an email instead. I will talk about how to do that next week.

What tips or questions do you have about calling hiring companies? Share your thoughts here!

Follow up after you apply! It can help you land a great job. -- Kathy


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  1. I imagine I'd be hard to get through to the person you need to over the phone. Email is definitely preferred.


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