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How to add bullet points onto your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn, how to use LinkedIn, LinkedIn for job search, mastering LinkedInWant to add bullet points or other symbols to your LinkedIn profile to make your information pop? It’s easy! In fact, there are two ways to add symbols: The easy way and the Word way.

LinkedIn, LinkedIn profile, creating a strong LinkedIn profile, using bullet points on LinkedIn profile
Like the triangle bullet point that I use on my profile? Visit my profile, highlight and copy one of the triangles and then paste it into your profile. Feel free to invite me to connect while you are there. I'm the Kathy Bernard in St. Louis, MO (USA)

 The easy way

  • Find an attractive symbol on someone’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Highlight the symbol with your mouse and then while it is highlighted, click Control + C to copy the symbol. (Mac: Command + C)
  • Go to your Edit Profile page and then click Edit into a section in which you want to add the bullet point.
  • Click Control + V to paste the symbol. (Mac: Command + V). Begin typing your sentence after the symbol. Press Enter to make a hard return.
  • Click Control + V (or Command + V) again to paste your next bullet point. Add text and continue the steps until you have entered all of your information. Click Save.

The Word way

Word symbols, finding Word symbols, finding Microsoft Word symbols, using Word symbols on LinkedIn,
Find the Symbols section of Word under that Insert tab.

Word symbols, Microsoft Word symbols, using Word symbols, using Word symbols on LinkedIn,
Find many symbol choices on Word.

  • Open a Word document, visit the Insert tab and then select Symbol. (You may need to insert a text box before you can select a symbol)
  • Click the More Symbols link if the bullet style that you want is not featured in the default options.
  • Select a symbol. When it appears on your Word document, type a word (any word) next to the bullet point.
  • Copy the word (Control C) and then paste the word into your profile template (Control V). By doing so, not only the word, but the bullet point will copy to your profile.
  • Replace the word with the sentence that you want to feature on your profile.
  • Hit a hard return after each sentence and then paste the symbol again to start the next line. 
  • Click Save when you are finished. 

BONUS TIP: Keep the length of each of your bullet point sentences to about 100 characters or less (including spaces) so that your text won’t wrap to the next line. Your entries will look clean and easy to read.

With a few quick keystrokes, you can add bullet points to make your LinkedIn profile information stand out from your competition.

What tips or questions do you have about using symbols? Share them! Thanks, Kathy


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