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Lots of LinkedIn connections or a quality network? I vote for LOTS of connections

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Seek out lots of connections!
It can help you ... Get a Job!

When I teach people how to ask strangers to connect on LinkedIn, many respond that a smaller quality network is better. Read on to learn why I think quantity is way better ... and then share what YOU think.

Adding connections makes it easier to find the right people at target companies.

Why having more connections is better:
  1. A large network increases the chances you will have connections within a hiring company. When you apply for a job through the LinkedIn Jobs tab, you can see the profiles of your connections at the hiring company, so that you can ask them to help influence the hiring decision. 
  2. Having a large network makes it more likely you can track down who the hiring manager is for an open position (through the LinkedIn Search People box). Knowing this information is the first step toward being able to contact and impress the person directly. I detail how to find and influence the hiring manager in this article … but let’s just say for argument’s sake now that this can be a HUGE benefit. 
  3. Job and business opportunities can result from accepting a LinkedIn invitation from a stranger or “enemy.” I can’t tell you the number of times accepting a connection request from a stranger or a person I assumed was an “enemy” has paid off for me. When I accepted an invitation from one LinkedIn Open Networker, it led to my leading job webinars for years. When I accepted an invitation from a former coworker who I thought disliked me, she immediately recommended me for a job that I landed that very week. If I hadn’t accepted such invitations, I would have missed huge opportunities!
  4. There is VERY little spam on LinkedIn … and an annoying connection can be deleted instantly, so why not accept invitations? In all the years I’ve been on LinkedIn, I have accepted invitations from all who have asked and have received only two messages from connections that I considered spam, so I simply disconnected them through the Contact tab > Connections > Remove Connections link. Voila! Pesty people are history.
  5. Most connections are glad to help you whether they know you or not. I frequently receive LinkedIn requests from one connection asking to be introduced to another of my connections. I may not know either person, but I pass along the message anyway. I include a note that lets the recipient know that I don’t know the requesting person, but that I hope that the introduction will be mutually beneficial for both of them. I often receive notes back from the people letting me know that they forged a profitable business relationship or landed a job because I introduced them to each other.

So for all these reasons and more, I advocate that you grow your network significantly! -- Kathy

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So what do YOU think?

A huge quantity of LinkedIn connections or a smaller quality network? Share your thoughts!


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  1. I agree with you, Kathy, that it is best to have many LinkedIn connections. Your network extends your reach exponentially.

  2. I definitely agree, Linkedin connections if everything! Without it your account is dead..

  3. you make a pretty good case for linkedin, I was beginning to question what the point of it was.


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