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How to become a LinkedIn Open Networker

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Consider becoming a LinkedIn
Open Networker to expand your
network into hiring companies.
Earlier, I shared information to help you decide whether you should become an open networker. As I explained then, a LinkedIn Open Networker (LION) is a member of LinkedIn who invites and accepts invitations from hundreds, even thousands of other LinkedIn members who they don’t know to expand their network.

Open networkers type the abbreviation LION or the open networking group name they belong to and their email address on their LinkedIn profile page to let others know they are willing to connect. Up until now, I have been resistant to becoming an open networker, but since I met a recruiter who is one and who uses his thousands of connections to find top candidates on LinkedIn, the idea is starting grow on me.

Become an Open Networker
To become a full fledged open networker:

1) Add yourself to open networking groups on LinkedIn. To join a group, simply type the group name in the Search Groups box. Follow their group discussions to maximize your participation.

The top open networking groups include:

  • Toplinked.com
  • Opennetworker.com
  • Lion500.com
  • Inviteswelcome.com
  • LION -- This is the original LinkedIn open network group
  • Leading International Open Networkers

2) Add yourself to the MyLinkWiki group on LinkedIn, or visit http://linkedin.pbworks.com/ to view open networkers divided by groups of how many first degree connections they have.

3) Look for others on LinkedIn who are open networkers. You can do so by typing the words TopLinked, Opennetworker, etc. into the Search People box. Open networkers may list their number of connections in their status bar, or list TopLinked, etc. in their summary, or include their email address in their name. You may want to minimize the number of TopLinked people in your search results by typing TopLinked and your city name or state/province name into the Search People box.

4) Craft a powerful invitation message to let people know you are a reputable open networker.
One big reason to be an open networker is to connect with recruiters. There are several recruiters on the top 50 most connected list and connecting with such super-connectors brings their second degree contacts into view within your network … for you … and for all your first degree contacts.

For that reason, consider:

  • Connecting with the most networked recruiters by typing TopLinked recruiter in the Search People box
  • Connecting with recruiters in your area by typing TopLinked recruiter and your city name or state/province. Or, to see all recruiters in your area, just type recruiter and your city name or state/province.

Become an open networker … or reach out to those who are … after all; both efforts can help you land a job or get a better one!

Have you found open networking to be beneficial or a bust in your job search? Share your comments via the Contact page.

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