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Top 10 tips for getting a job

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Use these tips to improve your
job prospects.
Here are the 10 tips that garnered the most reader responses to the Get a Job! blog.

I encourage you to use the tips … after all, they can help land a job or get a better one!

1. Applied Online? Now Get Your Resume to Rise to the Top of Their Pile Using LinkedIn If you feel like you are sending your resume into a pit of no return, try this tip using LinkedIn.com. It worked for me!

2. What does Your Email Signature Say About You? Not using an email signature when you apply for a job via email speaks volumes. It says you don’t know how to add an email signature or you are too careless to include one. Make it easy for a hiring manager or recruiter to contact you. Adding an email signature is easy and takes less than a minute to do.

3. Does Your Email Address Say You’re Old or Ready to Party? If your email address includes your birth year, nickname or irrelevant hobby, it could be sending potential employers the wrong message.

4. Job Seekers’ Favorite Job Sites Here are sites mentioned most often in alphabetical order, along with reader comments.

5. Create an Instant List of Recommendations to Share with Potential Employers Developing such a list is a lot easier than you might think … just use the recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. Here's how!

6. Get more and better recommendations Request recommendations from LinkedIn connections ... but take extra steps to get the best recommendations possible.

7. How to handle salary requirement requests Many potential employers will ask you to include your salary requirement when you apply for an open position. You have several options to choose from, most of which have risks.

8. How and why you should use business cards and where to order them cheap A well designed business card can make a job seeker appear responsible and professional. It can also serve as a reminder to the recipient to follow through with promised assistance.

9. Maximize Your Job Alerts to Get Relevant Job Posts Emailed to You One of the most frustrating things about searching for a job using emailed job search agents is having to wade through many irrelevant job posts to find one good job opening. Many job sites will provide you with strong leads if you supply them with the right information in the right way.

10. Why You Should Include Your LinkedIn Profile Link in Your Email Signature Learn how to add your LinkedIn profile link to your email signature and find out two measurable reasons why you should do it.

What are your best tips for finding work or what comments do you have about these tips? Share your tips via the Contact page. -- Kathy

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