How to reach local recruiters who specialize in your field

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Want to hook up with recruiters in your area who are looking for someone just like you in your field or industry? You can! And you don’t have to wait for them to find you. Reach out to them on LinkedIn and either invite them to connect or send them a LinkedIn InMail message.

Here’s how:

  1. Click the triangle to the left of the Search box. Select People from the list.
  2. Click the Advanced link to the right of the Search box.

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Use Advanced Search to find recruiters who specialize in your industry or field.

On the Advanced People Search page, do the following on the left navigation bar:

  1. Type your industry or field in the Keyword box. Examples: Agriculture or Accounting
  2. Type the word Recruiter in the Title box
  3. Put your zip code in the Postal Code box
  4. Click the Search button

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Complete the Keyword, Title and Postal Code boxes to find local recruiters who specialize in your industry or field. 

By clicking Search, you will generate up to 10 pages of search results with 10 people per page. Scroll through the list looking for current recruiters who specialize in your industry or field.

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With a free (basic) account, you can view up to 10 pages of results with 10 people per page. You can view even more people if you have a premium account. 

Click on a target person’s face or name in the list to access and become familiar with his/her profile. If the person is a 2nd degree connection, you can view his/her full profile to learn more about the person. If the person is a 3rd degree connection or just a LinkedIn group member with you, you will only be able to see part of his/her profile and just the first letter of his/her last name. To learn the person’s last name, simply type known information into the Google search box. Example: Kathy Communications Director … by doing so, you can almost always learn the person’s last name.

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Type known information into Google or other search engine to learn a person’s last name. 
Next, look to see if the recruiter has a premium account. They will have a brown "in" symbol near their name. If so, visit their profile and see if they have "Message NAME" button on their profile. If so, click that button and then compose a message using the message template without being connected to the person.

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If the person has an OpenLink logo, send an OpenLink message instead of inviting him/her to connect.

If the recruiter does not have an OpenLink logo on his/her profile, invite the person to connect by clicking the blue Connect button. You can do so if the person is a 2nd degree connection or is in a LinkedIn group with you.

Choose the nature of how you know the person. The best option is “Groups” if you are in one with the person (join a group with target person), but other options, such as Colleague and Classmate, may work as well because they are based on your work history and schools, not the intended connection’s work history and schools.

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Choose the group option if the person is in a LinkedIn group with you. 

Highlight and delete the default invitation message and replace it with brief text about why you want to connect. You only have 300 characters to relay your message and you cannot include an email or web address.

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Replace the default text with specifically why you want to connect with the recruiter.

Example message: [NAME], I see from your profile that you recruit for [TYPE] positions in [CITY]. I am a proven [TITLE] with [MENTION IMPRESSIVE EXPERIENCE]. I also have [IMPRESSIVE SKILL(S)]. Please contact me about available opportunities. [YOUR NAME]

Find more people by changing the wording in the Title box. For example, instead of Recruiter, try Recruiting Manager, Headhunter, or Staffing. You can also expand your search by using different keywords in the Keyword box. For example, instead of Financial Analyst, you might try Accountant. Just don't put all of the keywords in at one time and/or all of your searched-for recruiting titles ... do one at a time or you will limit your results too tightly. 

Not all recruiters will accept your connection request, but many will and connecting with them can quickly help you learn about open positions in your industry and field. Once you have made the connection, keep in touch so that the recruiters will remember you for their open positions.

The bottom line: Invite recruiters to connect! Doing so can make a huge difference in your job search. -- Kathy

What questions or comments do you have about connecting with recruiters? Share them! 

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