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How to enlist a recruiter to help in your job search

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Should you enlist a recruiter in your job search?

Job seekers often ask me about how to enlist a recruiter (headhunter) to help them in their job search. I posed that question (among others) to several recruiters and compiled their suggestions into a five part series starting with this post.

In this part one of the series, I will discuss how recruiters typically operate, when you should consider working with one and how to pick the right recruiter for your field and expectations. 

In other articles, I discuss …
Part 2: How to get on the right recruiter’s radar
Part 3: What recruiters seek in top candidates
Part 4: What to expect when meeting with a recruiter
Part 5: How to get a recruiter to REALLY help you

Find all of these articles here.

How recruiters typically operate
Recruiters (also known as headhunters or search firms) earn a fee from a hiring company for providing them with the right candidate for hard-to-fill or high-level positions. Because of such a payment structure, their focus is understandably on finding the right person for the paying company NOT on finding you a job. But even though their focus is on fulfilling their client's needs and not yours, they can be a tremendous ally in your job search since they truly want to help top candidates land their positions.

When you should consider enlisting the help of a recruiter
Consider working with a recruiter when …
- You aren't generating enough interest when applying for jobs through other means.
- You are in a field where qualified candidates are difficult to find.
- You are in a high-salary-earning field (the more you make, the more the recruiter earns since the recruiting fee is based on your annual salary).

Finding the right recruiter
Learn about recruiters who specialize in your field or industry by researching firms through sources such as:
https://findarecruiter.com/ -- This site allows you to search for companies who place people in your area even if they are based elsewhere. It also lets you submit your resume to your preferred recruiters and/or post your resume on the site.
https://i-recruit.com/ (aka Oya’s Directory of Recruiters)

Other means to find a good recruiter

  • Ask friends and business acquaintances for recruiter recommendations
  • Check to see if your field/industry’s professional associations maintain a list of recruiters
  • Search for local recruiters through LinkedIn by clicking the Advanced link next to the Search People box and then typing the word “recruiter” in the key word or title box and and your zip code into the zip code box. Sort through the results to find recruiters who specialize in your field, or fine-tune the results by adding your field or industry into the key word box
Review individual recruiter's LinkedIn profile and their organization's LinkedIn company page and make note of recommendations made by people they have helped. Also research recruiting companies on Google or other search engines and pay particular attention to any bad press they have received or recent successes they have attained.
Once you have narrowed down possible recruiters, request an appointment to meet with them in person ( if they are local) or by Skype or phone (if they are out of town).

During the meeting, ascertain whether the recruiter is right for you.
  • Determine if they are a good fit and if they really listen to your wants and concerns. Also, seek to determine if they are truly motivated and able to help you.
  • Ask questions to learn if they have specific recruiting experience/skills in your field and strong connections/knowledge about your target hiring companies.
  • Consider whether they carry themselves well and if you believe they will represent you in a professional manner.
  • Be concerned if they suggest openings that aren't remotely close to your interests or skill set
  • Be watchful for offers that seem too good to be true or where they try to solicit money from you.
Consider enlisting a recruiter in your job search! -- Kathy

What tips about working with recruiters did I forget or what questions do you have? Share them on Getajobtips.com or on the LinkedIn discussion group that might have brought you here.


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  1. Having been filing applications for executive recruitment melbourne, I must say, I haven't considered any of the points you have stated here. I would love to try these out and hopefully, I can get a positive response. Thanks!

  2. On an interview, be sure that you sell your skills well on the interviewer. This will determine your base pay and your future on the company. Recruiters on the other hand are very well trained to select only few people that really have the skill set to work for the company. As Robert Tabor have said about selecting a good job, "Salary is one of the factors people consider when deciding on a career path."


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