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LinkedIn Follow Company tips that can help you find a job

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Are you familiar with how to follow companies on LinkedIn? Simply search for companies through the search box and choose Companies and then use "All filters" to find the right companies. Visit each company’s page that you are interested in and click the yellow Follow button. Voila! It’s easy and ensures that you will see news from the company in your LinkedIn home page news feed

Find companies by location, job title, industry, relationship and more  by clicking Companies and then Search Companies. Put your search parameters in the left navigation bar. Scroll through the results and invite all the companies you want right from the search listings just by hovering over a listing until it turns blue and  then clicking the Follow Company link that appears.

What to do after you’ve followed companies
Study the company page of your followed companies to impress their recruiter or hiring manager in interviews and in your application materials. Learn about company pages.

Check company updates often by clicking the Companies tab and scrolling through the updates list. Also find other companies to follow by reviewing the Companies You May Want to Follow section on the same page.

Check what your connections are saying about companies (and what jobs they are posting) by clicking the “All Updates” link on your home page and selecting Companies.

Other follow company tips
You can follow companies where your connections work now or used to work if the companies have a LinkedIn company page. To do so, simply move your cursor over the person’s company name on his or her personal profile, and then click the Follow company link from the mini Company Page pop-up box that appears.

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Follow a connection’s company by hovering over his or her company’s name and then selecting Follow company in the pop-up box.

To stop following a company, simply go to its company page, hover over the checked Follow button until it changes to Unfollow and then click to confirm that you want to unfollow.

The bottom line: Follow companies on LinkedIn! It can help you land a job or a better one!

What tips or questions do you have about LinkedIn company pages? Share them via the Contact tab. -- Kathy


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