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New LinkedIn company pages are job seeker heaven – here’s why

Have you noticed? Some companies have expanded their LinkedIn company pages to provide more meaty information that you can use in your job search.

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Dell was one of the first companies to benefit from the new company pages.

To see what I mean, log into LinkedIn and check out the following companies. These businesses are now featuring large display images, a comprehensive company summary, employee listings, a company video or ad, and most importantly for job seekers … extensive listings of their job openings.
More and more of the 2 million (!) companies with a LinkedIn company page presence are converting to the enhanced format daily.

Make it a habit to visit LinkedIn company pages via the Search Companies box to 1) research the company, 2) apply for relevant open positions and 3) ask influential connections within the organization to vouch for you to the hiring manager or recruiter. Taking these three steps can help you land a great job. -- Kathy

Company Page Tips
  • When you arrive at a company’s LinkedIn page, click the “Follow” button to receive new job postings and recent employee arrivals and departures in your LinkedIn network updates. Learning about recent departures can be a great way to find out about opportunities before they are even posted.
  • After you have elected to follow companies, click the triangle next to “All updates” on your LinkedIn home page and then select “Companies” to learn recent updates about your followed companies and their employees.

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