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New grad: Consider alternatives before diving into your career

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Graduation offers a unique opportunity to explore what you really want to do before getting pinned down to one career path. Rather than dive straight into the career pursuit, explore alternatives. Doing so will help you build your resume (CV), give you priceless experiences and allow you to grow as a person. Here are ideas to try.

Take time to explore
Most students take part in some form of work experience or internship during college, but such opportunities may feel more like coursework or jobs of necessity than a clear step toward your dream career.

Immediately after graduation can be your time to explore opportunities … even seemingly small or volunteer opportunities … without worrying about whether each position will lead to your ultimate career.  Such work experiences can be a separating quality to help you stand out from other new grads who all have similar education and skills, but no practical experience.

new graduate job seeking, new grad job search,
New grads have options. Explore them all before committing to a career path!

Part-time work
Most graduates won’t walk straight into a full-time career. Its takes time and patience to find a career-worthy position, so consider a part-time job while job searching.

Part-time work will not only give you a good answer to the employers’ question: “What have you been doing since you graduated?”, it will also show these hiring representatives that you are a proactive, hard-working person and ease your worries about expenses while you look for a career position. Plus, such jobs could lead to a different career than you might have originally planned.

Show why your a standout candidate
You’re going up against serious competition for every opening, so seek to stand out. Write a blog about your preferred industry or create a portfolio of your work. Develop related strengths in your chosen field. For example, if you’re a fashion or design student, learn how to market and sell your designs on your own. Also consider an attention-getting guerrilla marketing approach to get employers to notice you like new grad Adam Pacitti did when he bought a billboard to advertise his availability.
Keep calm and carry on
Use your hard earned skills and knowledge to be the ultimate potential employee. What you learned in college qualifies you for jobs, but how you spend your time after graduation will help make you an ideal candidate. Patience, confidence and determination to get the job will guide you towards your goal.

Guest post by Tom Chandler

Tom Chandler
Tom Chandler
Tom Chandler is a recent journalism graduate who writes on behalf of ASOS Marketplace. He has a keen interest in helping other graduates achieve their goals, after experiencing the highs and lows of graduation first-hand.

College graduation image: Some rights reserved by Brunel University

Readers, what tips or questions do you have about alternatives for new grads … or anybody else during their job search? Share them via the Contact tab. -- Kathy


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  1. Being that I'm still a student it seems like the right idea to explore after graduation as some may say test the waters; this will play a major role in finding what's a good fit for my qualifications. I already have a strong LinkedIn presence so adding a degree on my profile will raise my value to any organization of interest.


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