How to find and contact a hiring manager

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Here’s a great way to find out who the likely hiring manager is at a company and then email your resume to him or her after you’ve applied online.

Step 1: Learn the name of the hiring manager
On LinkedIn, click the Advanced link next to the Search People box to learn the hiring manager's name in Advanced People Search. Put the job title(s) that you think the position would report to in the Title box, the company name in the Company box and (if it is a company with multiple locations), a local zip code in the postal code box. Scroll through the results to find the person with the leadership title you seek.

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Find the hiring manager’s name using LinkedIn Advanced People Search.

Step 2: Find the person’s email address on Google

Visit Google and put his/her name, company name and the word “email” in the search box. Look for his/her contact information in the search findings. 

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Find the person's email address on Google. 

If you can't find the person's email address on Google, but know someone else’s email address at the company, assume the email address for the hiring manager is the same construction. For example if you know Bob Brown’s email address is, assume the hiring manager’s email address is Test variations of the address in the Google search box until you see results that include the person’s name and email address. 

Can't find the email address on Google? Try

Step 3: Craft your email message

Once you have the email address, write a simple, but powerful message to the hiring manager:

  • Mention the job title
  • Tell him/her that you already applied (so they can’t dismiss you by telling you to apply online)
  • Explain why you are uniquely qualified for the position
  • Drop names of influential internal people and how you know them (if possible)
  • Mention that you have attached your resume (and make sure to attach it!)
  • Call for a meeting and state that you will follow up
  • Include your contact information

Example: Name, I just applied for COMPANY NAME’S JOB TITLE, but I wanted to reach out to you personally because I'm so interested in the position and feel I am uniquely qualified for the role.

As you can see in my attached resume, I am highly adept at the [MOST IMPORTANT JOB REQUIREMENT] and have extensive [SECOND MOST IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT] experience in the [NAME OF RELEVANT INDUSTRY].

My former colleague and friend (and your current coworker), NAME, speaks so highly of you, I would love to meet with you about this opportunity. When might be a good time to talk? I am available this Friday or next week. My contact information is below. I’ll give you a call Wednesday to follow up. Thanks, NAME 


The bottom line: Email the hiring manager after you’ve applied for the job!

How do you reach the hiring manager after applying for a job? 
Share your tips or questions. – Kathy


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  1. What a useful post! I especially like the script you give people. I find most job seekers hate networking with anyone (warm or cold connections) because they don't know what to say or how to phrase something. I'll share this post with my clients and network. Thank you!


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