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13 ways YOU can help a discouraged job seeker

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You CAN help job seekers.

Even if you are a discouraged job seeker, YOU can help people going through unemployment. For example, you can …

  1. Find and send them job leads. But first ask what kind of jobs they want so you can send relevant leads.
  2. Be an encouragement to them. Remind them of their strengths and assure them better days are ahead.
  3. Vouch for them with hiring companies and influential people. Spread the word about why your friends are the solution to companies' problems.
  4. Get their resume to the right person at a hiring company. Walk it, mail it, or email it to the hiring manager, recruiter or HR department explaining why your friend should be strongly considered for open positions.
  5. Introduce them to influential people. Particularly introduce them to decision makers at hiring companies.
  6. Invite them to events that could benefit them. If there is an entry cost and you can better afford it, pay for their ticket.
  7. Gently reveal weaknesses that may be impeding their progress.
  8. Help them improve their skills or guide them to someone who can.
  9. Meet with them occasionally to give them hope and get them out of the house.
  10. Endorse their skills on LinkedIn. Simply click the listed skills on their profile that you have witnessed. Doing so will help convince hiring managers who visit your friends’ profiles that they have the needed abilities for their openings.
  11. Recommend them on LinkedIn. Take the time to write a recommendation about their qualifications and why they would be a great fit for hiring companies.
  12. Express that you want to be one of their references. Request their resume and learn from them how to present them as positively as possible. Reference tips
  13. Write them a recommendation letter. Send it electronically so they can upload or attach it when applying online or via email. Also mail it to them so they can include it in their portfolio.

What other ways can you help a discouraged job seekers? Share your ideas on Getajobtips.com or on the LinkedIn discussion board that might have brought you to the blog. -- Kathy


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