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Tricks for completing online job application forms

applying for jobs, online job application sites, applying online,Online job application systems are a necessary evil!
Even though such systems are often notoriously frustrating and difficult, companies often require that you complete them. 

Here are 5 tips to speed up the process and alleviate at least some of your suffering.

To apply for jobs online effectively (and painlessly), follow these steps:
  1. Allow at least an hour per online application. Plan to spend up to 3 hours to complete the most tedious online forms (The worst offenders: Educational, health care and government/defense industry forms). Work quickly to complete all required boxes. Some systems can “time out” if they are not completed quickly enough.
  2. When given the option to upload a resume or complete a tediously long form, opt to upload your resume by clicking the “Browse” button to find/upload your resume from your computer. This can save you time and ensure your resume looks like you intended it.
  3. Create a chronological resume (with your most recent job listed first) in plain text (ASCII) format so you can easily copy/paste it into online templates without reformatting problems. Here’s how.
  4. Keep answers short so you don’t have to edit them to fit particularly short boxes. Also save your most commonly given responses to a Word document so you can quickly paste the same answers into future forms.
  5. Create a short, powerful standard cover letter that you can customize quickly to paste into their template if prompted. It should include:
  • The position title and company name. “I am very interested in your ABC position at XYZ Corp.”
  • Why you are particularly right for the opening, “I have measurable results in THIS, THAT AND THE OTHER THING which makes me particularly suitable for the position.”
  • A call to action. “Please contact me at your earliest convenience at PHONE NUMBER or email me at EMAIL ADDRESS to discuss the opportunity.”
  • Closing: “Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.” -- NAME

The bottom line: Master online job application systems. Doing so can help you land a job or a better one. 

Have an online application form horror story or tip to help others improve their online applications? Share your thoughts via the Contact tab.


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