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How to figure out if your interview went well

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Did the interview go well?
Did you bomb the interview or ace it? Here are 18 ways to determine if your interview went well or not (but keep in mind, you never know. You may think you screwed it up and get an offer or assume you did awesome and get rejected).

Ask yourself ... did the interviewer ...

  1. Talk about next steps and share with you how the process will continue? Good sign
  2. Ask when you will be available? Good sign
  3. Try hard to sell you on the job and company? Good sign
  4. Smile, laugh and seem to enjoy speaking with you? Good sign
  5. Mention at the end that they are still talking with several other candidates?  Bad sign
  6. Bring up that they have a qualified / interested internal candidate? Bad sign
  7. Jot down notes when you mentioned you didn't have a certain skill or experience? Bad sign
  8. Interrupt or look bored / distracted? Bad sign (If you notice this vibe, shorten your answers.)
  9. Take a lot of time to thoroughly answer your questions? Good sign
  10. Run over the allotted time? Good sign ... unless you blathered on and on.
  11. Show you around the office and introduce you to others? Good sign
  12. Suggest a future meeting with someone else on staff? Good sign
  13. Give you negative feedback? If the recruiter says, “I’m concerned that you don’t have enough experience in ___” Bad sign
  14. Seem anxious to get away (did they stop making eye contact or are they continuously checking their watch)? Bad sign
  15. Frown or end the meeting very quickly after you discussed your salary history or expectations? Bad sign
  16. Say things like, "When you work here, you will love working with Cindy..." as if you have already been hired? Good sign
  17. Conduct reference checks after the meeting? Good sign
  18. Keep you abreast of how the process is going after the interview? Good sign

So what do you think? Did your interview go well?
If not, take steps to improve your interview performance for the next time. What other ways can you tell if an interview went well? Share your tips or questions here!


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  1. Some of these points are really workable, figure out interview is very important to learn or improvement for next interview.

  2. "Jot down notes when you mentioned you didn't have a certain skill or experience? Bad sign" - Yeah that one usually makes me really edgy.

  3. Very nice and informative post. thanks for sharing


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