How to customize and use your LinkedIn profile address

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Customize your LinkedIn profile to
make it easier for people to find you.
It's easy to change your LinkedIn public profile address and well worthwhile to do so. (Your profile url is the long address on your profile page that reads something like

To customize your public profile url:

  • Log on to LinkedIn and go to your Edit Profile page.
  • Scroll a few inches to where you see the words “Public Profile” and your long profile address.
  • Click “Edit” to the right of your profile address. This link leads to a page where you can make choices about how public to make your profile. To be found most easily, select "Make my profile visible to everyone."
  • Click the link on the right navigation bar that reads “Customize your public profile url”.
  • Modify your address. (The system will let you know if your custom url is available).
  • Click “Set Custom URL”.

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To customize your public profile, go to your Edit Profile page.
Click Edit next to your Public Profile address.

Customization Tips

  • Your custom URL must contain between 5 to 30 letters or numbers.
  • You cannot use spaces, symbols or special characters.
  • If you have an uncommon name, try shortening your url to just your name. If that works, your address will look like this:
  • If your preferred custom url is already being used by someone else or you just want to jazz up your profile name a bit, consider adding your field like I did on mine: (While visiting my profile, feel free to invite me to connect. I will accept.
  • Or, add your nickname, city name or your brand identity to your url, such as “ITpro”.

Use Your Public Profile Address!
Once you've established your public profile url, simply go to your View Profile Page to copy then paste it wherever you want – on your resume, business cards, cover letters, etc.

(To copy the address, highlight the address and click “Control” “C” in Windows or “Command” “C” on Mac. Paste the url elsewhere by clicking “Control” “V” in Windows or “Command” “V’ on Mac.)

Also add your LinkedIn profile address to your email signature. Here’s how.

Master Tip:
Include your LinkedIn profile url in the P.S. section of your cover letters like this …

P.S. Visit my LinkedIn profile at where you can view my 3,000 connections, 27 recommendations and 24 awards for marketing excellence.

Why add a P.S.? It’s the most read part of a letter! Adding a power statement there can draw recipients to your profile where you can wow them further. Taking this extra step can help youGet a Job!


Wow Your Profile Visitors!
Getting recruiters to visit your LinkedIn profile is one thing, impressing them when they arrive is quite another. For expert help dramatically improving your profile, contact me. I can perform LinkedIn Lightening on your profile so recruiters seeking qualified candidates can find you more easily. Visit the Services page to learn more.

Share your comments about customizing your public profile on or on the LinkedIn group discussion that might have brought you here. -- Kathy


  1. Changing the URL can definitely spruce up your profile.

  2. You can also create a free linkedin custom short url here, Lnked.In . its customizable, and free


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