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50 fast free fixes to improve your job chances. Part 4: Networking

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Take these steps to improve your
chances of getting hired.
Recently, I shared fast fixes to improve your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn presence. Now, I’ll share fast fixes to improve your networking abilities. 

Don’t slouch on these tips! Networking plays a part in nearly 75 percent of all hires.


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Add an email signature
1. Email everyone you know and ask them to send you leads for the types of jobs you seek. Include an email signature that includes your first and last name, email address, and phone number so they can easily send you leads. Also add your LinkedIn profile address


Getajobtips.com job lead request template, job lead request template,
Use this template to prepare your network to send you relevant leads.

2. Use this Job Lead Request Template to better equip your network to send you good leads. Find this and other useful job search help forms under the Printable Resources tab of this blog.

Example of an effective reminder InMessage to a person's network.

4. Send your network upbeat emails or LinkedIn InMessages every few weeks to remind your network that you are job seeking. Use this opportunity to share job search successes and stories, ask if anyone knows someone within a target company, express your interest in helping them, share an inspirational thought or business tip and, of course, use these opportunities to remind them that you are job seeking. Always include the types of jobs you seek ... your network has a short attention span!

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VistaPrint.com has free or very low cost business card options.

5. Order business cards and hand them out at networking event and to anyone who might be of help to you. Here’s how.
6. Reach out to other unemployed friends. Send them job leads and encouraging messages. Meet for coffee to learn how you can connect with each other’s contacts. Sticking together can help you feel more hopeful and less isolated in your job search.

7. Participate in free and low cost networking events in your region. Find out about these events from your local library or by joining local LinkedIn groups (just type your city name in LinkedIn’s “Search Groups” box).

8. Volunteer, particularly for organizations involved in your area of business. Let them know that you are particularly interested in using your business skills to help them. Add your volunteer efforts to your resume and include any quantifiable results that come about because of your efforts.

What networking tips did I leave off? Share your tips! -- Kathy


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  1. Email everyone you know

    help always tends to come from unexpected places.


  2. "help always tends to come from unexpected places."

    I agree!


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