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50 fast fixes to improve your job search: Interviewing

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Recently, I shared fast fixes to improve your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn presence, and networking abilities. Now, I’m sharing fast fixes to improve your interviewing skills using techniques you may not have thought of before. So, get cracking on being better at interviewing … it can help you land a job or get a better one!

Let me know what you think ... and what tips I left off. -- Kathy

Fast fixes to improve your job interview efforts

1. Conduct informational interviews using this Informational Interview Success Sheet.

2. Follow this Interview Preparation Checklist to make sure you've thought through every aspect of the interviewing process.

3. Use this Application Form Checklist to easily fill out paper applications when you go on interviews.

4. Be prepared to discuss your salary history and requirements. Here’s how

5. Follow up effectively after an interview using these steps:
  • Ask if it would be all right for you to check in by phone or e-mail. Remember that it’s OK to be persistent, but not to be a pest. Listen and abide by how often the recruiter says you may call or e-mail to check on your status.
  • Consider other ways to remind companies that you are a qualified applicant:
    • Connect with people you know within the company through LinkedIn
    • Have internal acquaintances vouch for your abilities
    • Have respected community or business leaders contact the hiring manager or company executive on your behalf
    • Follow the company on LinkedIn – (Click on the Search Companies box, type in the company name, go to the company page, and then click the Follow box.) Send notes of congratulations to acknowledge business successes.
    • Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to the position and company you seek, particularly local organizations in which the hiring manager may be involved. Participate in the group discussions to show you are qualified leader in the field.
  • Keep pursuing other opportunities even if you had a great interview. Never stop looking until you have landed a position. This will keep you from getting too discouraged by rejections.
  • If a recruiter contacts you to let you know you have been rejected, be gracious and professional. Let the recruiter know you are interested in other open positions within the company.
  • It’s OK to ask for feedback as to why you were rejected if you can do it graciously. Accept the fact that some companies simply will not give such feedback.

Final fast fix tip … ask for help in improving your job search! Invite me to connect on LinkedIn. Also look for job search help under the Topics tab.


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  1. Personally I read better when things are on paper so I appreciate this being printable.

  2. Personally I read better when things are on paper so I appreciate this being printable.


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