50 fast fixes to improve your job chances. Part 3: Pump up your LinkedIn presence

50 fast fixes, 50 fast job fixes, improving your job chances,Recently, I shared fast fixes to improve your resume and cover lettersNow use these 12 quick tips to improve your LinkedIn profile and presence. Doing so can help you land a job or get a better one!

Note: Start all of the profile improvements mentioned below by going to your Profile tab on LinkedIn and then selecting "Edit Profile."

1. Add a professional looking head shot photo so people can put a face with your name. Make sure the photo is not too dark. Crop it so that your face is the focus. Profile photo tips

LinkedIn profile picture, LinkedIn profile picture best practices,
Add a professional looking photo that is not too dark.
Left photo: Courtesy of Caren Libby Photography.


2. If you are in an open job search, use wording like, "Qualified TITLE at Seeking Opportunity” in the “Current” box. Don’t give connections the impression that you are NOT seeking work by using a made up company name like your name or initials and “Consulting, Inc.” Also don't keep your old job title at your old company as your current position ... that's just sad. 

Note: I understand that this advice (to post that you are job seeking on your profile) is controversial, but I landed a job precisely because I did so ... so for that reason alone, I heartily recommend it! 

LinkedIn status update box, alert your network that you are job seeking using LinkedIn,
Consider using the status update box on your LinkedIn home page to let your network know that you are job seeking.

3. Copy your profile text into Microsoft Word so that the Word spell check can reveal typos that might be harder for you to notice on your profile. Make necessary corrections on your profile. Also update and improve your profile information regularly.

4. Seek more LinkedIn recommendations by writing recommendations about people you respect first. Many of these same people will gladly write recommendations about you in return. Provide them with your resume or bio to improve the accuracy of what they write. Learn how.


5. Add quantifiable results to your current and past experience entries. Learn more.


add LinkedIn add-ons, use add-ons on your LinkedIn profile,

6. Take advantage of the new “Add sections” feature found on the right navigation bar on your Edit Profile page to add projects, languages, publications, test scores, courses, and more. 

Note: Your public profile … the profile people can see if they type your name into the Google search box … will include this very valuable information … which can be a terrific opportunity for a recruiter who is not connected to you to see your qualifications.
7. Add your resume and samples to your profile using the free Box.net application. Use the free SlideShare application to add presentations and videos.

Include your portfolio using the free Behance.com application. Learn how to add visual links to these applications here.

add work samples to your LinkedIn profile, work samples,
Add visual links to your resume, presentations and online portfolio.

8. Copy/paste your LinkedIn recommendations into a Word document and post the sheet on your profile through Box.net. Also attach this sheet when you apply for jobs via e-mail or on application sites that allow you to attach multiple documents. Learn more.


9. Join LinkedIn groups related to your field and industry, as well as your university alumni group and local and national career search and networking groups. Also join aspirational groups … those groups that can help you learn skills that you lack. For example, join social networking-related groups to build your social networking abilities. Learn more.


10. Build your network. You can do so by searching your connections' lists of connections and inviting mutual friends to connect. Use the opportunity to build your relationship with these connections by adding a personal note in your invitation that reminds them how you know them and that enlists their help in finding the specific type of jobs you seek. Keep in touch with them regularly and continue to remind them that you are job seeking.


11. Use your status bar to let people know you are job seeking. Write something like, “Seeking a XX position. Please pass along leads!” Change the message slightly every week so your status will continually show up on your contact’s LinkedIn network updates.


LinkedIn advanced people search, search LinkedIn by title, see how high up you come up in LinkedIn search,
Add your title to the Title box of Advanced People Search template and your zip code to the Postal Code.
See how high you show up when sorted by relevance.
12. Improve your LinkedIn search rank by adding relevant keywords (the words frequently used in job descriptions in your field) throughout the “Experience” section of your profile.

To learn how you rank, type your title or business function and your city name into the Advanced People Search template and then note how high you are listed in the search results when sorted by relevance.

For example, when I type: “Corporate Communications” in the Title box of Advanced Search People and add my zip code to the Postal Code box and then “Sort by relevance” option, I come up 4th in the rankings. If I add the words “corporate” and “communications” in more places throughout my profile, I can come up even higher in the rankings.


Bonus Tip: Click through all the tabs on LinkedIn to try out the various options. LinkedIn offers an amazing array of ways to help you present yourself in the best light. So get more familiar with LinkedIn and update your profile now to improve your job chances.

What LinkedIn tips did I leave off? Share your tips or question using the comment feature. Or, let me know what you think on a LinkedIn discussion group.

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