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Connecting with your prospects on LinkedIn

Customizing your LinkedIn invitations can greatly improve your chances of prospects accepting your invitation. 

To customize an invitation, visit a person's profile from your computer and click “Connect", then “Add a note”. 

Customize LinkedIn invitation
To customize an invitation sent from your phone, visit the person's profile, click "More" and then select "Personalize invite."

Customizing your LinkedIn invitations on mobile

Use the 300 characters that are available to introduce yourself, but don't be salesy -- use the invitation message to develop the relationship. For example: 

  • “We met at the ABC event. I was the person who liked snowboarding. Let’s connect.”
  • “We haven’t met yet, but Joe Blow speaks so highly of you, I wanted to introduce myself.”
  • “I heard you speak at [EVENT] and was inspired by your message.”
  • "I'm a fellow St. Louisan with 34 mutual connections so I thought I’d invite you to connect in case our knowing each other might be mutually beneficial."
  • "I noticed that we are both in the Mechanical Engineering Design Group on LinkedIn and thought that I would invite you to connect. I really enjoy getting to know and learning from other members of the group."

If you encounter a profile without an invitation option, click the button with three dots. The connection option is listed there. You can include your phone number and email address in the invitation, but not an attachment.

Also, accept invitations from other LinkedIn members! Each new connection expands your network of 2nd-degree connections (friends of your connections) and 3rd-degree connections (friends of your 2nd-degree connections), which can help prospective buyers searching LinkedIn for products or services that you offer, find you. 

Feel free to invite me to connect, https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathybernard/and when you do, practice customizing your invitation! I will accept and we can build the relationship from there. 

In conclusion, connect on LinkedIn! It can lead to new business, a new job, and lasting friendships. -- Kathy


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