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How to merge your LinkedIn profiles and why you should

Merge your LinkedIn profiles -- you should only have one strong profile! https://youtu.be/VVX_QiO9ae8 

Have more than one LinkedIn account? That’s not actually allowed, and I don't recommend it because people won't know which of your profiles to connect with. The better solution is to have one strong profile where you play up all of your experiences. To see if you have more than one account, type your name into the search box. If you have a common name, add details like your city or your company name and then hit return to see a list of everyone with that name.

When you combine your profiles, all your connections will move to your main, good account. Unfortunately, your skills won't transfer, so make a list of skills from the bad profile and who endorsed you for them so that you can ask them to endorse you for the skills on your good account.

To merge your accounts, first, figure out which profile to keep and which one to merge into the good account. Copy both profile addresses from the browser window into Word or Notepad and label them good or bad for future reference. Also, figure out what email address that you used for each account (if you can remember).

Click Me > Help > Type Merge Accounts into the search box while logged into his good account. Select Merge or Close Duplicate Accounts. It will then give you four options depending on your situation: 

  • I can sign into both accounts
  • I can't sign in - Forgot password
  • I can't sign in - No access to email address
  • I can sign into both accounts - 1 account has 0 connections. 

Follow the prompts for your situation and when you are finished, LinkedIn will merge the two accounts within a day or two.

If you still have problems, please know that you can’t contact LinkedIn Help on LinkedIn – the system won’t let you. Instead – here’s my secret weapon, if you have a Twitter account, send a direct message to @LinkedInHelp on Twitter. Write something like …

I tried merging 2 profiles, GOOD PROFILE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobbrownmba / BAD PROFILE: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobbrown678/, but I don't know my password or email address of the bad profile. Help! Current email: bobbrownfakeemail@gmail.com

LinkedIn Help on Twitter will respond promptly. In conclusion, merge your LinkedIn profiles so that you can be found on the world’s biggest network -- LinkedIn! -- Kathy


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