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The best answer to "Tell me about a boss you didn't like"

I often get asked how to answer the job interview question, "Tell me about a boss you didn't like." I tell people it's easier to answer  than you think ... simply don't take the bait! 

Instead of telling the interviewer ANYTHING negative about a bad boss, reply POSITIVELY, like this:

INTERVIEWER: "Tell me about a boss you didn't like."

YOU: I've enjoyed working with all kinds of bosses and learned so much from each of them. I particularly like working for bosses that allow me to completely satisfy customers. For example, I had a boss who ..." 

Then drift into a positive story that shows that: 1) You are a class act, 2) You respected your boss, and 3) You took direction well from a superior and used the opportunity to better your company or improve a customer's experience. 

Never bad-mouth a boss! Interviewers are not your therapist and bad-mouthing people will just convince them that you will be a negative force at their company. So hold your tongue and land that job!

Job interview questions can be tricky! 

... But learning to answer well can catapult you into the job. That's why in the proven, web-based WiserU Career System, we can train you exactly what to say and do in interviews to dramatically improve your job chances. 

For example, in Module 8: Interviewing with Confidence, you can learn to answer additional tough questions like ... 

"What's your greatest weakness?"
"Why did you leave your last job?"
"Why are you the best candidate?"
"What would your employer say about your past performance?" 

Plus ... you'll discover how to improve every aspect of your interviews, including ...

Watch the Interviewing with Confidence introductory video!
  • Controlling the job interview
  • Handling phone interviews
  • Excelling in (Skype) video interviews
  • Mastering in-person interviews and panel interviews
  • Dressing for success
  • Making a good first impression
  • Asking smart interview questions
  • Following up after the interview
We'll walk you through the entire job search process to give you the wisdom and confidence to land a meaningful, well-paying job. 


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  1. Okay! This was a good tip and I agree that if you'll say negative about your previous or current boss then you will never get hired. I have experienced it.


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