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40%, 60% or 70%? Guess the percentage of jobs landed through networking

Did you know? According to some sources*, 80% of jobs are landed through networking.

Since networking plays such a huge role in getting hired, becoming e a strong networker is essential.

The good news is, networking doesn’t have to be hard. The best networkers help the people they meet or connect them to others for their mutual benefit. 
Plus, helping and connecting people makes them MUCH more willing to help you.

*I'm trying to find the original source for this 80% statistic. I can't trace it to ABC News yet. In the meantime, another source states 70% of networking can be supported (sort of). Despite the actual number being tough to pinpoint, networking is critical. -- Kathy

Module 7 of the WiserU Career System, Networking Your Way into the Job, reveals EXACTLY how to become a master networker to improve your job chances. 

In fact, you'll learn how to:
  • Develop a breakthrough elevator speech
  • Use one-on-one meetings to get leads and build relationships 
  • Network on LinkedIn, the world's largest business network
  • Craft emails and make phone calls that get results
Module 7 builds upon all that you can learn by participating in the WiserU Career System. It's a proven web-based system created by WiserU's Kathy Bernard, that features 10 progressive video tutorials, action guides, templates, resources, and a community forum, to train you exactly what to do and say to improve your job chances. 

WiserU college career system
The WiserU Career System

It will not only reveal to you what you want to do, it will also teach you how to:

  • Articulate why you're the best job candidate
  • Apply for jobs on employer sites, which reject up to 95% of applications 
  • Transform your resume to score high
  • Create cover letters, emails and samples that get results
  • Develop a strong LinkedIn profile 
  • Enlist recruiters to get the inside track on opportunities
  • Network your way into a job
  • Interview with confidence
  • Negotiate salary to get the money you deserve 
  • Excel on the job 

Learn more about the WiserU Career System and get started today at WiserUCareerSystem.com


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