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6 biggest mistakes recent grad job seekers make

Recent college graduates: Are you committing these 7 deadly career search sins?

SIN 1) Not responding to email messages. I get it. You prefer text messages, but employers prefer email. The solution: Check and respond to your emails DAILY!

SIN 2) Not answering the phone. I know, I know. Nobody actually talks on their phone, but employers do. The solution: Answer your phone! And if you missed the call, call back immediately.

SIN 3) Not following up on job leads. People stop helping if you don't follow through. The solution: Follow up! If people pass along a job lead, don't wait! APPLY for the jobs, let them know you applied and say thank you. Appreciated people send more leads.

SIN 4) Not proofing your resume. Employers reject people who make typos. The solution: PROOF EVERYTHING!

SIN 5) Not having a strong LinkedIn presence. I get it. LinkedIn isn't fun like Instagram, but mastering it can give you a 40 TIMES greater chance of landing a job. The solution: Establish a strong LinkedIn profile and build your network ASAP! Invite me to connect. I'll accept (Kathy Bernard, St. Louis, MO).

SIN 6) Not knowing what job you want. Companies hire specialists who match their job titles, NOT people who say, "I can do anything." The solution: Figure out what job titles match your skills and interests and then boldly brand yourself for those jobs.

If you don't know what you want to do, access the WiserU Career System now! It's web-based system that I created based on my years of career coaching college students. It helps you learn what you want to do and what jobs match what you want. It then walks you through the 10 major career steps (including rocking LinkedIn) so you'll know EXACTLY how to land a good job. 


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