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Should you include a cover letter when you apply online?

crafting a cover letter when applying online
Recruiters typically spend less than a minute reading your cover letter and only 40% read them at all. Besides all that, writing cover letters is a time-consuming pain! So why bother including an optional cover letter when you apply online for jobs? 

Because a well-written cover letter can greatly improve your job chances. That's because a strong cover letter tells recipients:

  • You are so interested in working for them, you took the time to tell them why 
  • You have strong written communication skills
  • You are willing to do whatever it takes to prove you are the best job candidate

There are very specific things you should say in your cover letter and several elements that you should include, such as why you want to work for the company, why you are the most qualified candidate and who you know who you can name drop to impress the recipient.

Module 4 -- Cover Letters, Emails & Samples -- of the groundbreaking WiserU Career System trains you EXACTLY what to include in your cover letter and precisely what wording to use to improve your job chances. 

crafting cover letters when applying online
Module 4 includes:

  • Specific cover letter guidance from a strong salutation to a powerful closing P.S. 
  • A cover letter template so that you can quickly craft a cover letter while applying online
  • Wording to use in emails when following up after applying online or after interviews
  • Guidance about how and why to use samples 
  • Exact wording to use when calling employers after applying or interviewing

So should you include a cover letter when you apply online? Yes, definitely! But be sure to "work" your cover letter to impress recipients and improve your job chances. -- Kathy


Get started with the WiserU Career System
The groundbreaking WiserU Career System, a web-based system created by WiserU's Kathy Bernard, features 10 progressive video tutorials, action guides, templates, and a community forum, to train you exactly what to do and say to improve your job chances. 

WiserU college career system
The WiserU Career System

It will not only reveal to you what you want to do, it will also teach you how to:

  • Articulate what you want and why you're the best job candidate
  • Apply for jobs on employer sites, which reject up to 95% of applications because they don't match the job or are improperly formatted
  • Transform your resume to score extremely high for positions
  • Create cover letters, emails and samples that get results
  • Develop a strong LinkedIn profile to increase your chances dramatically
  • Enlist recruiters to get the inside track on opportunities
  • Network your way into contention
  • Interview with confidence
  • Negotiate salary to overcome objections and get more money 
  • Excel on the job -- which is essential for your career success 

If you are a recent college graduate or a miserably employed young adult (or know someone who is), learn more about the WiserU Career System and get started today at WiserUCareerSystem.com
Proceed through the system at your own pace -- watch the videos ... study the action guides ... complete the resume and LinkedIn profile templates ... and get expert help through the community forum. Get started today and transform your career! 

View these videos to learn about each module:

Seasoned job seeker? While the WiserU Career System is for recent graduates, the guidance provided is rock solid whether you're just getting started or are already well-established. Either way, the WiserU Career System can help you land a better, higher paying position.


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