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How to tweak your resume to score high when applying online

Did you know?

  • Online job sites reject more than 20% of resumes because they are formatted incorrectly. 
  • 75% of resumes are rejected for using the wrong words.
  • 94% of employers use online applicant tracking systems to vet and reject applicants.

A wrongly worded and formatted resume can kill your job chances. Problem is, most job seekers don't know what's wrong with their resumes or why they're being rejected. They apply and apply online using the same resume and never hear from employers ... and never get the job.

But that doesn't have to happen to you. There are exact steps to take to ensure that your resume will sail through employers' applicant tracking systems and score high for the jobs that you want. You just have to know where to find the answers. 

Transforming your resume and references
In Module 3 (Transforming Your Resumes and References) of the groundbreaking WiserU Career System, you WILL learn to revolutionize your resume and how to:

  • Format your resume to score high on online applicant tracking systems 
  • Modify your resume to match jobs as closely as possible, which is essential since companies typically only interview the top 1% to 3% of applicants.
  • Camouflage having had too many jobs, the wrong kinds of jobs or a lengthy employment gap.
  • Craft a plain text resume that works on every job site.
  • Impress hiring managers with a power-packed list of references.

Module 3: Transforming Your Resumes and References also includes a resume template so you'll know precisely how to revolutionize your resume, plus a reference list template to ensure you have the right information about each of your references. 

If your resume isn't working for you, revolutionize it with the WiserU Career System. Take control of your job search today.


"WiserU taught me how to optimize my resume and LinkedIn profile and how to interview with confidence. I wouldn't have landed such a great position without the WiserU Career System.” -- Ryan, Boston, MA

"Having a well-defined, laser focus is key to a successful job search. The WiserU Career System was able to help me find the focus that my job search needed." -- Zach, St. Louis, MO 


Get started with the WiserU Career System
The groundbreaking WiserU Career System, a web-based system created by WiserU's Kathy Bernard, features 10 progressive video tutorials, action guides, templates, and a community forum, to train you exactly what to do and say to improve your job chances. 

WiserU college career system
The WiserU Career System

It will not only reveal to you what you want to do, it will also teach you how to:

  • Articulate what you want and why you're the best job candidate
  • Apply for jobs on employer sites, which reject up to 95% of applications because they don't match the job or are improperly formatted
  • Transform your resume to score extremely high for positions
  • Create cover letters, emails and samples that get results
  • Develop a strong LinkedIn profile to increase your chances dramatically
  • Enlist recruiters to get the inside track on opportunities
  • Network your way into contention
  • Interview with confidence
  • Negotiate salary to overcome objections and get more money 
  • Excel on the job -- which is essential for your career success 

If you are a recent college graduate or a miserably employed young adult (or know someone who is), learn more about the WiserU Career System and get started today at WiserUCareerSystem.com

Proceed through the system at your own pace -- watch the videos ... study the action guides ... complete the resume and LinkedIn profile templates ... and get expert help through the community forum. Get started today and transform your career! 

Want individual career coaching and an expertly created resume and LinkedIn profile PLUS the WiserU Career System? Learn about our combination packages.

Questions? Contact Sue Lopez at 847-606-5160 or susan@wiseru.com.

WiserU Career System

View these videos to learn about each module:

Seasoned job seeker? While the WiserU Career System is for recent graduates, the guidance provided is rock solid whether you're just getting started or are already well-established. Either way, the WiserU Career System can help you land a better, higher paying position.

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