A huge reason why recent college grads aren't getting hired

Despite the improving economy, an alarming 44% of college graduates under age 27 are underemployed, working in jobs that don't require their degree, often making less than $25,000 a year.

A huge reason why they aren't getting hired into career jobs is because they stink at LinkedIn. While 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn to either find or vet candidates, only 13% of Millennials are on it, most badly so they simply aren't being found.

So what's a recent grad to do? Maximize LinkedIn of course! According to LinkedIn's own statistics, people with a strong LinkedIn presence have a 40 times greater chance of landing a job. 40 times! 

LinkedIn is so essential to successful career search; we've dedicated an entire module of the breakthrough 10-module WiserU Career System to train you PRECISELY how to use it to land a higher-paying career position.  

You'll learn:
  • EXACTLY how to build your LinkedIn profile to attract employers
  • How to reach and impress recruiters who specialize in your field
  • How to join the best groups and follow the right companies to interact with hiring companies
  • PRECISELY how to invite people to connect in such a way as to get results

 WiserU Career System
Watch introductory videos about each module now.

The WiserU Career System not only improves your chances using LinkedIn, it exponentially improves your career chances every step of the way through your job search. View these videos to learn how you will ...


Get started with the WiserU Career System today!
The groundbreaking WiserU Career System is a web-based system created by WiserU's CEO Kathy Bernard that features 10 progressive video tutorials, action guides, templates, and a community forum, that train you exactly what to do and say to improve your job chances. 

The guidance is based on Kathy's experience in helping more than 1,000 job seekers directly and from training hundreds of thousands of college students and seasoned workers through workshops, JobTransition TV webinars and the popular WiserUTips blog. To learn more, visit the WiserU Career System

WiserU college career system
The WiserU Career System

WiserU Career System

Modules include an intro video, comprehensive video tutorial and action guide so you can take immediate action on what you learn. The system also includes templates to craft your materials and a community forum.

If you are a recent college graduate or a miserably employed young adult (or know someone who is), the WiserU Career System is for you. Proceed through the system at your own pace -- watch the videos ... study the action guides ... complete the resume and LinkedIn profile templates ... and get expert help through the community forum. Get started today and transform your career! 

Are you a seasoned job seeker? While the WiserU Career System is targeted to recent graduates, the guidance provided is rock solid whether you're just getting started or are already well-established. The WiserU Career System can help you land a better, higher paying position because it trains you EXACTLY what to do every step of the way.

Want individual career coaching and an expertly created resume and LinkedIn profile PLUS the WiserU Career System? Opt for one of combination packages. WiserU provides individual coaching and services tailored for your needs. 

Questions? Contact Sue Lopez at 847-606-5160 or susan@wiseru.com. 

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