How to email a hiring manager after you applied for the job

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Increase your chances!
Email the hiring manager
When I was job seeking, I used a two-step process to greatly increase my chances of getting hired. 

  1. I applied online as instructed.
  2. I sent a targeted email message to the probable hiring manager. 

Here's the basic gist of what I wrote to the hiring manager: 


I just applied online for your JOB TITLE position, but I am so interested in your job opportunity, I wanted to reach out to you directly because my background makes me particularly well suited for the position.

You seek someone with [A, B, C and D JOB REQUIREMENTS]. As you can see in my attached resume, I’ve handled all of these duties and more with measurable success for PAST COMPANY NAME(s) and would relish doing the same for COMPANY NAME.


I would love to speak with you about the opportunity at your earliest convenience. When would be a good time to meet? I am available this Thursday and Friday. Next week is also good for me.

I can be reached at PHONE NUMBER or EMAIL ADDRESS. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon. -- YOUR NAME.

Attach your resume and other documents such as samples (or include a link to your online portfolio) and a list of your LinkedIn recommendations.

email the hiring manager
Greatly improve your job chances by emailing the hiring manager!

Don't know the person's name or email address? Here is how to find both:

  1. Log into LinkedIn. In the top Search box, type the company name. Once the system has found it, go to the organization's Company Page. Click the Follow button (this tells the company that you are interested in it.)
  2. On the right sidebar, click "See all" under "How You're Connected. Search to find the hiring manager by his / her job title. For example, if you are seeking a sales representative position, look for the sales manager.
  3. Can't find the right person? Type the person's probable title into the search box on the free's LinkedIn XRay Search Tool
  4. Once you know the person's name and title, search for his/her email address. Here's how:
  • Type the person's name, title and company name into the Google search bar, followed by the word "email". Often the person's email address will appear in the search results.
  • If that won't work, guess what the email address might be (if you know one person's email address at the company, assume that other employees will have the same email address structure), such as and try testing that address in the Google search box. If the email address appears in the results along with the person's name, it's probably correct.
  • Still can't find the email address? Visit the free site and put the company name into the search box. If it is a large enough company, the email-hyphen site's system will usually be able find the email structure for the company.

The bottom line: Send an email to the hiring manager immediately after applying online. It can greatly improve your job chances ... I know ... it worked for me!

How do you influence the hiring manager when you apply for a job? Share your comments! -- Kathy

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