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Make an instant list of your Linkedin recommendations

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Including a list of LinkedIn recommendations
in your application materials is an easy
way to impress hiring companies.
Occasionally online job applications will contain a section where you can not only attach your cover letter and resume, but other documents as well. A list of recommendations about yourself makes a great additional attachment to include in this section … and developing such a list is a lot easier than you might think.

Here's how:

If you are on LinkedIn.com (and if you are job seeker, you should be on this free business networking site), ask your contacts, particularly former colleagues and bosses, to make recommendations about you on the LinkedIn site. These recommendations will appear on your LinkedIn profile.

Copy and paste the best recommendations into a Word document and then format the page to look attractive. Save the document to your computer, then attach it to job application emails or online job applications. It’s that easy.

Sample LinkedIn Recommendation Sheet


  • To encourage people to recommend you, make thoughtful recommendations about them first. People are usually glad to reciprocate.
  • Email your resume or a short description of your past duties and business successes to the people you want to recommend you to make it easy for them to write about you. Basically give them the general idea of what you want them to say, so their recommendation will be correct and beneficial.
  • Add a link to your LinkedIn public profile on your email signature so people can access your recommendations that way as well.

Develop a list of recommendations about yourself, it could help you land a job or a better one! 

What ideas do you have about this subject? Share your comments! -- Kathy


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  1. See but if everyone just as recommendations from everyone else doesn't that just make them not amazing?

  2. John, Thanks for all your comments! I appreciate your thorough reading of my articles. Regarding the recommendations, the truth is not everybody is writing recommendations for others and many, many job seekers aren't asking for them so having a few excellent recommendations can be an excellent way to stand out.


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