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What to expect from the job search while expecting

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Just as you were getting excited about the arrival of your bundle of joy, you got laid off, and now, you have to look for a job while pregnant. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, discriminating against a pregnant woman is illegal, but when you arrive at an interview with a big baby bump, you already know that your chances of being hired are diminished. 

Before you get too discouraged, keep in mind that many mamas-to-be have traveled this same road before and many have successfully landed their perfect job. 

Try these smart tips for job hunting while pregnant.

1. Be aware of future changes

After the baby comes, you may not be able to keep up with a fast-paced career, so keep that in mind while applying for jobs. When looking for prospective employers, think about how they will fit into your post-baby life. Do they offer on-site daycare? Are they close to your home for a lowered commute time? Is there a possibility of telecommuting later?

2. Review the benefits

Now, more than ever, the benefits package should be a critical factor in your decision making process. According to Aetna, birth is usually covered by short term disability so you may want to look for an employer who offers that type of coverage. You should also look closely at their health insurance plans, and whether or not they have enough employees to be affected by the Family and Medical Leave Act.

3. Decide about sharing the news

If it's the first trimester and you're not telling anyone yet, there is no need to tell your prospective employer that you have a little one on the way. However, if you fail to tell them until after you have started your job, they may feel like you have mislead them—this could erode your trust relationship. If possible, tell them when they offer you the job. That way, they know what to expect, and you're fully protected. If they rescind the offer at that point, you can charge them with discrimination.

3. Market yourself

If you are showing, you may struggle to get interviews, and to that end, you will need to aggressively market yourself. Talk with old employers and colleagues and leverage your social media relationships to find openings. Try to apply for as many jobs as possible using a resource like www.job-applications.com.

Don't let your marketing efforts stop when you reach the interview either. Keep in mind that the more you are showing, the more you will have to prove what an asset you will be to their company. Come prepared to talk about yourself and why their company needs your skills.

4. Be forthcoming about your plans

When you finally tell your new employer that you are expecting, be open about your plans. If you want to take off 12 weeks and then transition into a telecommuting role, be open about that expectation. Plan for how you will tackle your work while pregnant and when you plan to return to work after the birth. The more your employer knows, the easier it will be to craft your career future.

Guest post by Ginger Welch
Ginger left her journalism career to stay at home with her kids, but she still blogs and writes daily. 

Share this articles with others ... and share your comments! Have you been on the job hunt while pregnant? How did it work out? What did you learn from the experience that you can share with others? -- Thanks, Kathy

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