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How to display work samples on your LinkedIn profile

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Want to display PowerPoint presentations, images, online portfolios, videos, audio clips, or documents on your LinkedIn profile? You can! And it's easy ... and free to do. Here's how:

1) Find the files that you want to display on your computer or that you have saved (or found) on one of the approved web sites listed below. File size may not exceed 100 MB.

  • Presentations must be saved as a pdf, ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx, pot, potx, or odp file.
  • Documents must be saved as a pdf, doc, docx, rtf or odt file.
  • Images must be saved as a png (best quality), gif, jpg, or jpeg file.

LinkedIn, displaying work samples on LinkedIn,
Adding visuals to your profile can attract attention and help you market your products or professional abilities.

2) Upload your file from your computer OR select the Add Link option to display your samples saved to an approved web site (you may need to create a profile on web site).

Approved web sites
Image Providers: 23hq, meadd, mlkshk, mobypicture, ow.ly, pikchur, Questionable Content, somecards, twitgoo, twitpic, TwitrPix, and Twitter

Video Providers: ABC News, AllThingsD, Animoto, Atom, bambuser, big think, blip, Boston, Bravo, brightcove, CBS News, Clikthrough, Clipfish, ClipShack, Clip Syndicate, CNBC, CNN, CNN Edition, CNN Money, Colbert Nation, CollegeHumor, Comedy Central, Confreaks, Coub, Crackle, Dailymotion, Dipdive, distrify, dotsub, Fora.tv, Forbes, funny or die, GameTrailers, GodTube, Hulu, Jardenberg, justin.tv, Khan Academy, KoldCast TV, LiveLeak, Logo FierceTV, Panorama, Washington Post, Zero Inch, TED, Telly, The Daily Show, The Escapist, mobypicture, New York Magazine, NZ On Screen, Overstream, PBS Video, Revision3, SchoolTube, ScienceStage, ShowMe, snotr, Socialcam, Spreecast, VEVO, Viddler, viewrz, Vimeo, Washington Post, WORLDSTARHIPHOP, XTRANORMAL, Youku, YouTube, and Zapiks

Audio Providers: AudioBoo, Band Camp, Free Music Archive, gogoyoko, Grooveshark, Hark, Huffduffer, Mixcloud, RadioReddit, Rdio, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Zero

Presentation and Document providers: Prezi, Scribd or SlideShare

Other providers: Behance (online portfolios), Issuu (online publications), Kickstarter (crowd-funding), Quantcast (web measurement)

3) Follow the site's prompts to save your file and then copy (Control C) the web link that the site generates for the saved file. For example, when I created a free online portfolio on Behance.com, the site generated this web link -- https://www.behance.net/gallery/Kathy-Bernards-Creative-Samples/2754607

4) Log onto LinkedIn and then move your cursor over Profile at the top of any page and select Edit Profile.

5) Scroll to the section where you want to add a media sample (you can add samples in your Summary section or any -- or all -- of your individual listings within the Experience or Education sections). Move your cursor over the Add Media icon (it looks like a square with a plus sign).

LinkedIn, LinkedIn rich media tool, box with plus sign,
Select the Add Media icon, which looks like a box with a plus sign.

6) Select Add Link and then paste (Control V) the web link into the Add a link field. A picture of your content will be displayed on your profile (it may take a few moments to upload). 

Note that you cannot control the size of the image on LinkedIn or keep the site from cropping your image to its default horizontal shape. When people click on an image on your profile, such as the first screen of the presentation shown on your profile, they will be taken to the actual presentation on the approved site so that they can click through the entire presentation. A pre-filled title and description will also appear on your profile, which you can edit.

7) Click Save. An update may appear on the home pages of your network notifying people that you added samples to your profile. If you don't want to let people know, go to Privacy and Settings by clicking your little face in the upper right hand corner of any LinkedIn page, scrolling to the Privacy Controls section, clicking the "Turn on/off your activity broadcasts" link and then un-checking the box BEFORE you post links to your profile.

Many sites will encourage you to promote your work samples on social media.

  • Many of the sites will encourage you to promote your samples via social media -- take advantage of the opportunity!
  • Remember to update your samples. The visuals can get outdated quickly.
  • I use Behance to display my online portfolio and Slideshare to display my Powerpoint presentations – both work great and I don’t receive financial incentive from either to say so.
  • LinkedIn does not display blogs.
  • Other content providers than those listed above may also work, but LinkedIn is no longer adding providers to its approved lists.
  • All links must have a public URL (web address) so you can’t link to a password-protected web page, such as on an intranet.

Get creative and add your work samples or product promotions to your profile ... doing so can help you land a great job! -- Kathy

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