How to add your LinkedIn profile address to your email signature

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Add your LinkedIn profile address
to your email signature.
Make it easy for employers and networking connections to learn more about you by adding your LinkedIn profile link into your email signature.

It’s easy! Here's how:

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1) In your email program, open the email signature editor window (it can usually be found within Options, then Email or Mail Options). Type the words LinkedIn profile in the signature editor box under your name, phone number and email address.

2) Log on to LinkedIn and then click "Edit Profile."

3) Click the link address (URL) from the bottom of your profile box where it says "Public Profile." Simply highlight and copy the URL.

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Copy your Public Profile address.

4) Highlight the words LinkedIn profile in your email signature. Click the hyperlink button (which looks like intertwined rings). When the hyperlink box pops up, paste your profile link (URL) into the box (Control v). Click save. You may have to temporarily allow pop-ups (by right-clicking the yellow box at the top of your web browser) to complete the process.

5) Save your email signature changes. Your LinkedIn profile link should now appear in your email signature whenever you send a message.

You can also customize your LinkedIn Public Profile address by clicking the Edit link next to your Public Profile address (when you are on the Edit Profile page). Try shortening your address or making it more distinctive. For example, I changed mine to reflect my communications background: Feel free to invite me to connect there. I will accept.

Add your LinkedIn profile link to your email signature … it's easy to do and may help you ... Get a Job!

What comments or questions do you have about LinkedIn or your public profile address? Share your thoughts via the Contact Us tab or on the LinkedIn discussion board that may have brought you to this blog. -- Kathy


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