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How to email a hiring manager after applying for a job

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Increase your chances:
Email the hiring manager
Recently I wrote about how to find and contact hiring managers at your target companies. Now let’s talk a bit more about the best ways to reach them and what to say when you do.

If the hiring manager is a second degree connection to you on LinkedIn (a friend of one of your first degree LinkedIn connections), you may want to click the button, “Get introduced through a connection” on his/her LinkedIn profile page and follow the prompts. This will allow your connection to forward a brief message to the person.

Alternatively, you can ask your friend to forward an email with your resume to the hiring manager and put in a good word for you. This is a better option if would like to include attachments in the email. (Another option would be to send the hiring manager a LinkedIn InMessage, but this requires paying a monthly LinkedIn upgrade cost and the process does not allow attachments.

A better option may be to email the hiring manager directly. But what if the person is a third degree connection and LinkedIn will only show you his/her first name and first initial, such as Joe C.? Usually finding the person’s last name is pretty simple. Here’s how:

finding an email address on Google, using Google to find an email address,
Type what you DO know about the person into the Google search box.

If you can only see the first letter of the person’s last name, type the first name, title and company name into the Google search bar and look for the person’s full name in the search results.

Email the hiring manager
Once you know the person’s full name, seek out his or her email address on Google. Here’s how:

finding a person's email address on Google, using Google to find an email address,
Type the person’s name, the company name and the word “email” into the search box.

Type the person's name, company name and the word “email” into the Google search box to see if his/her contact information comes up in the search findings. Can’t find it? Then guess the address based on a coworker’s address. For example, if you know Bob Brown’s company’s email address is bbrown@blank.com, type the hiring manager’s first initial and last name with @blank.com into the search bar to see if the person’s email address shows up in the search results.

finding a person's email address on Google, using Google to find an email address,
For hard-to-find email addresses, type what you THINK the email may be in the search box. 
Test variations until a viable email address for the person appears in the results.

Once you have the person’s email address, write something like:

Name, I just applied for your JOB TITLE position, but I am so interested in the opportunity, I wanted to reach out to you directly because my background makes me particularly well suited for the position.

You seek someone with [A, B, C and D JOB REQUIREMENTS]. As you can see in my attached resume, I’ve had handled all of these duties and more with measurable success for PAST COMPANY NAME(s) and would relish doing the same for COMPANY NAME.

I would love to speak with you about the opportunity. When might be a good time to meet? I am available this week. Next week is also good for me.

I can be reached at PHONE NUMBER or EMAIL ADDRESS. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon. -- YOUR NAME.

Be sure to attach your resume and other documents such as samples (or include a link to your online portfolio) and a list of your LinkedIn recommendations.

Next time, I will share how to reach out to the hiring manager by phone.

How do you influence the hiring manager when you apply for a job? Share your comments on Getajobtips.com or on the LinkedIn discussion board that might have brought you to the blog. -- Kathy

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