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How to excel in Skype video interviews

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You can ace your video interviews!
Follow these tips to get really ready for Skype job interviews. The technology is not that hard to use, but video interviews do take preparation and practice.

Getting Started
Ensure you have an Internet-enabled computer with camera and microphone. Also check that you have the right system requirements.  

Set up a free Skype account. To do so, visit www.Skype.com. Click “Join Skype” and then create an account by filling out the simple template. Add a head shot photo of yourself in business attire.  Not to belabor the tech talk, but Skype is a voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP)and software application that lets you communicate with others via Internet video, voice calls or instant messaging (Skype Chat). In this article, we will focus on conducting Skype Internet calls.

Practice using Skype with a friend before your first video interview. Ask your friend if:

  • The image quality is good. If not, consider purchasing an attachable video camera.
  • Your voice sounds clear and strong. If not, don't rely on your computer's built-in microphone. Instead, purchase an affordable external microphone. Also ask your friend to assess whether you are talking too loud, are mumbling, etc.
  • Your Internet connection is strong enough to handle a Skype video call without problems. If your connection is iffy, find a more stable connection elsewhere.

Prior to the Skype interview

  • Add the interviewer’s contact information to your Skype contact list. Request the person’s email address, phone number, full name and Skype name that he/she uses on Skype. Provide the interviewer with the same information about you. If the person is also on Skype, the video call is free for both parties.
  • Log on early to make sure that you are really online with Skype. To know for sure, log onto Skype and make sure there is a solid green bubble with a check mark to the left of your name.  If the bubble looks any other way, click the triangle next to the bubble and chose the solid green bubble with check mark.
  • Check that the view behind your head is uncluttered and professional looking (such as a desk setting or plain wall). Also ensure the lighting is flattering.
  • Have useful documents such as the job description open or in hard copy format nearby.
  • Eliminate interruptions. Put the dog outside. Run the kids to the babysitter. Turn off the ringer on your home and cell phones.
  • Prepare for the video interview like you would for an in-person interview. Research the company and interviewer.
  • Dress in business attire. Simple, un-patterned clothing looks best. Comb your hair.
  • Practice answering interviewing questions in a mirror to ensure that you are not practicing bad habits such as frowning, mumbling, etc.

During the video interview

  • Sit up straight and smile. Be more energetic than feels natural.
  • Look at the camera, not the picture of your face on the screen otherwise it won’t look like you are making eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Move your laptop screen forward or back to make the camera angle on your face as flattering as possible. Stack books under your computer if the camera is too low.
  • Remember your interviewer is on their work computer and can become easily distracted. Keep answers brief and interesting and your energy level high.
Follow up

  • Don't follow up on Skype chat. Instead send an email or mailed thank you note, followed by a phone call if you have not heard back from the hiring representative by the designated time.
Be really ready for Skype interviews! Doing so can help you land a great job. -- Kathy

What tips or questions do you have about video interviewing? Share them here!


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  1. Now a days skype interview become very easy.if we have a computer with camera ,Internet,and micro phone.then the skype interview is also like normal walk in interview.

  2. There have definitely been alot more skype interviews in my life recently.


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