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How a digital media kit can help you thrive online

Personal branding creates a lasting impression. Once you have a clear vision of how you want to be perceived online and off, a digital media kit can be a handy resource where you can easily keep and access information for your web site pages, social media profiles, video, audio, and Power Point presentations.

How and why to create a personal brand:

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Example of components that you can include in a digital media kit can include:
  • Name and Title/Tagline/Slogan
  • Short Bio
  • Logo
  • Professional Photos
  • Portfolio Images
  • Product/Service/Job Description
  • Landing Page URL

As you build your personal place in cyberspace, handy access to your digital media kit will speed up the process and help you establish your iconic brand.

Have you used a digital media kit? How has it worked for you? What have you learned in the process that you can share with others? Share your comments via the Contact Us tab or on a LinkedIn discussion board that might have brought you to this blog. 

A guest post by Caren Libby. Thanks, Caren! -- Kathy

Caren Libby offers a comprehensive digital media kit for people seeking to expand their personal brand. She is a digital marketer and photographer. Learn more about here at www.carenlibby.com.

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  1. Reputation management also plays an important factor here.


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