If you were hiring, which person would you choose?

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Which candidate would you choose?
Imagine you are a hiring manager wading through resumes to zero in on the right candidate for a job opening. If all other attributes of the top two candidates were equal, would you choose the candidate who included this bullet point in his or her resume...

  • Eager to learn social networking and blogging to help an organization achieve its goals ...
or the candidate who included this bullet point ...
  • Established a Facebook fan page, a Twitter page, and a blog for XYZ Company, which resulted in a 20% increase in online sales for widgets.
It's obvious which candidate you would choose ... the one who had already learned and used necessary tools to support a company's success. Companies want to hire the best person for the job. But how often do we hope that they will look past our deficiencies and hire us because we are good at stuff that may no longer be relevant ... and because we really need a job?

That's what WiserUTips is all about ... helping talented people find satisfying work in today's ever-changing (and often scary) new world. I feature a highly usable tip weekly to help you in your job search -- from updating your resume, to maximizing your social media, to interviewing with excellence. And while I am helping you, help me by posting comments via the Contact Us tab and by telling other job seekers about this blog.

So what do you think? Do job seekers expect to be hired without necessary qualifications?  Share your thoughts via the Contact tab. -- Kathy


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  1. Well the choice is obvious here, but what was done is a little more subtle.


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