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10 silly mistakes dooming your job prospects that are a cinch to fix

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Are you making silly mistakes that are hurting
your job prospects?
I see it over and over again. Job seekers make silly mistakes that cost them the jobs they seek.

Do you make these mistakes? They are easy to fix. Here’s how:

1) Not including your contact information in your e-mails. Remedy: Add an e-mail signature.

2) Forgetting to attach documents to your e-mails. Remedy: Attach your documents as soon as you type the word, “attached” such as in the sentence, “I have attached my resume.”

3) Accidentally sending a message before you are ready. Remedy: Use your own e-mail address in the send line until you have completed and proofed your message and attached all necessary documents; then switch it to intended person’s e-mail address.

4) Labeling your resume “resume.” Remedy: Use your name as the document name so recruiters can find it easily.

5) Leaving indecipherable or incomplete phone messages. Remedy: Plan and practice your message. Speak clearly and briefly. State your name, phone number and the position that you are referencing at the beginning and end of the call. Speak particularly slowly when stating your phone number.

6) Faking like you are a consultant on your LinkedIn profile. Remedy: If you are in an open job search don’t confuse people into thinking you are employed; rather tell it like it is in the “Current” section of your LinkedIn profile. For example: “Experienced communication leader seeking new opportunity.”

7) Not telling and/or reminding people you are job seeking. Remedies: Send a mass e-mail to all who may help you letting them know you are job seeking and the type of positions you want. (Put their e-mail addresses in the blind – BCC – section so they won’t see all the other e-mail addresses). Also use your LinkedIn status bar to inform people you are job seeking. Example: “Seeking an HR manager position in St. Louis; please send leads!” Switch up the message a bit every week or two to keep it fresh in people’s minds.

8) Neglecting to tell your network your correct e-mail address. Could people be e-mailing you job leads to your old work e-mail address or another wrong e-mail account? Remedies: Send a mass e-mail to everyone you know (with their e-mail addresses in the BCC section). Tell them specifically which e-mail address to use and which ones to delete from their contact list. Also make sure your LinkedIn profile includes your correct e-mail address.

9) Not checking your e-mail messages for typos and errors. Remedy: Use your e-mail program’s spell check, or paste your e-mail message into Microsoft Word to use its spell check feature. If you are really bad at grammar or spelling, take steps to improve. Here’s how.

10) Not taking advantage of free help. Remedy: Subscribe to this weekly blog by including your e-mail address in the subscription box or by subscribing via RSS feed. Also invite me to connect on LinkedIn and ask me questions there. -- Kathy

I look forward to helping you.

What other silly mistakes do job seekers make? Share your thoughts!


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  1. But the email is a form of contact information?

  2. But the email is a form of contact information?


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