Establishing a strong online presence even if you fear technology

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My friends were surprised when I launched to help unemployed people because I can be entertainingly dense about technology. They used to laugh because I could never figure out how to answer my old cell phone before it stopped ringing. (I stick to my story that it had a password lock on it that made it difficult to use, but my friends maintain it was operator error … they might be right.)

Other technologies, such as social media and blogging tools, are also maddeningly challenging for me to learn, but, and this is an important but, I refuse to let my techno-fear (or techno-laziness) keep me from helping people find work … I need to be where job seekers are looking for help online.

Is fear of new technology keeping you from establishing an online presence? Read on!

Many companies expect you to have an established profile on LinkedIn and when you don’t, they suspect you may be deficient in other new advances … and let's be honest … they might be right.

The good news about establishing an online presence is that you can start small with easy steps and grow as you learn and have time to improve. Here are articles to help you confidently create a strong online presence.

Establishing an online presence
Create a basic online identity
Create an advanced online identity
Improve your LinkedIn presence
Promote your business online
Use Twitter

Besides these tips, commit to learning some kind of new technology for at least a half hour each week. You can do so by:

  • joining relevant LinkedIn groups such as those involving social media, blogging, LinkedIn, etc., and learning from the discussions
  • signing up for e-newsletters on the topics you need to know
  • taking free webinars
  • reviewing the help section of software you already own and taking the tutorials
  • taking classes
  • attending workshop or asking someone to show you how. (I lead workshops and have helped several people establish their LinkedIn presence on a one-on-one basis)
  • and most importantly, choosing to improve your online presence to further your job search 

If I can be of help to you, let me know. Invite me to connect on LinkedIn. I will accept and then you can ask me questions there.

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  1. Fearing technology is definitely a thing for the older group.

  2. Fearing technology is definitely a thing for the older group.


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