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Check your job application messages before you hit send!

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Error-free job application
materials are a MUST!
My friends and I at Enterprise Rent-A-Car always got a big laugh about a cover letter that a recruiting department friend said he had received from an eager job seeker. It said in part, “I am very interested in your Account Executive position at Kentucky Fried Chicken.” 

Obviously the job seeker had used the same cover letter for both companies and had neglected to change the company name. And while he gave the recruiter a good laugh, he didn’t land the Enterprise job because he had not been careful with his messaging to the company.

Writing cover letters and resumes is hard and exacting work! And re-entering the same information into some of those maddening online job forms can lead to typos, poor formatting, and other problems ... that are entirely fixable if you are careful.

To avoid costly mistakes in your job-search messaging:

  • Proof your copy every time. Pay particularly close attention to any last minute changes.
  • Make sure you have correctly typed the contact person’s name and title.
  • Run spell check.
  • Have someone read your correspondence.
  • Make sure have attached the documents you intended to attach. (Don’t you hate when you forget that?)
Improve your grammar and punctuation by visiting the many free sites dedicated to help you do just that. GrammarQuizzes.com offers an excellent, free grammar quiz that you can take and retake until you can answer all of the questions correctly.

Proof your materials … after all … a well-done resume and cover letter can help you land a job that you will love.

What ideas do you have about this subject? Share your comments! -- Kathy


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