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Keep track of jobs for which you applied

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Are you tracking your job leads?
I received a call from a recruiter at a hiring company once about a position I applied for that I didn’t remember anything about.

I did my best to fake my way through the unexpected phone interview, but resolved to be better prepared the next time a recruiter called.

Here is the type of simple sheet that I use to keep track of jobs. You can create something similar to keep track of your job opportunities or find my job tracking document on the Resources page.

Tracking of jobs for which you have applied can be as simple as creating a table where you include columns for the date, source, company name, job title, action taken, notes about the position, and the response you received.

If you are applying for lots of jobs, there is a good chance that if you aren’t organized, you, too, could get caught off guard.

Here are two ways to keep track of your job search information:
1) Develop a simple Excel spreadsheet or Word document table. Include columns with the following headers. Add rows beneath each column to fill in each time you apply for a job:

  • Date (you applied for the position)
  • Job lead (the job site web address, the friend’s name who referred you, etc.)
  • Company name (or recruiting organization’s name if it is a blind ad)
  • Position title
  • Actions (write down if you applied online, emailed someone, etc.)
  • Notes (to jog your memory about the position)
  • Response (keep track if they called you, rejected you, etc.)

I printed several copies of such a form and kept it in a three-ring binder, handwriting each new job I applied for into the table. 

You may prefer to keep this information entirely online (just be ready to access it immediately should a recruiter call!) Organizing this information can also help you prove you applied for enough jobs to legitimately claim unemployment, should you be eligible.

2) Copy the job description text for each job you apply for into a Word document. Be sure to date each entry and include the company name. This is critical to do because the hiring company or recruiting firm could take down the job posting from job sites and you won’t be able to find it should you need the information for an interview. 

Note: If the text does not copy properly into Word (due to HTML code, etc.,) copy the text into Note Pad (which strips out unnecessary elements), then copy and paste the Note Pad text into your Word document.

Print and use this job tracking form.

What ideas do you have about tracking your jobs applications? Please add your comments via the Contact tab. If I can be of help to you, let me know. -- Kathy

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  1. Very Nice blog. Thanks for the information. This is very helpful for job search.

  2. Applying to the same job over and over could hurt or help you really.


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